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Trump will ensure technology is kept in America: Raj Shah

White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah on enforcing technology price lists on China, Larry Kudlow’s appointment as the following best financial adviser and the most recent White House shake ups.

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  1. Yaaaaaas…(Sweeet…..MAGA BB…

  2. Beware: Russian troll fake news channel

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         Banana Republican and
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  3. China has been stealing out Inteletual properties for years! I work in the Semiconductor industry. they create investment firms that buy tech companies. then they take the IP.
    china is the Biggest Thief if the Tech industry!

  4. I am so proud to have Trump as our leader. I truly believe he's doing a wonderful job.

  5. There is something very immediate, very simple and emotional, about you poor American people, not the brightest lights but  you possums are so cute,

  6. smart move! Technology = national security remember that. Military is only on aspect of national security. Education, economy, healthcare… everything can be invaded and destabilized by hostile foreign forces.

  7. Finally a president who will stop making America be the patsy for the world and being taken advantage of. No more laughing stock while being taken to the cleaners by other countries. Getting smart deals rather than stupid ones.

  8. When will Trump crap be American Made?

  9. Making America GREAT, and keeping America SAFE! Trump; you make me feel proud to be an American again! It's been a long time…
    We are witnessing the rise of the right – God, family, country, and law…

  10. Capital gains taxes have nothing to do with the middle class. Bunch of cocksuckers.

  11. TRUMP looses Toys for kid's

  12. The last hope of the mankind: A stroke may hit Donald Trump.

  13. I love president's action and congress should work with him.

  14. Leftist globalists run these tech companies and it's not clear that they have the United States in their best interest

  15. I love Maria she's good at what she does but the hair-on-fire routine is getting kind of old 14 months into it now is a good time to make any staff changes he wants to make everybody should just lay off let the man do his job

  16. Its too late hillary already sold all of our technology right off of her bathroom closet server to the highest bidder , State secrets included!, buy one get one free!

  17. The US has borrowed trillions of dollars from other countries … What happens if they want their money back or start trading with another agreed currency … In such a situation, US can´t afford to repay and going to "freeze" foreign assets that then causes countries to start investing with each other instead and the US is being held outside !!!

  18. Chairman Mao Incarnate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie7-xhxSh94 Haha, typical of a Feudal European fucking capitalism were without the dollar feudal people could not survive the modern world and yet they don't educate majority of their people and who don't use money in majority of their countryside. No wonder they claim 1 dollar is enough for the middle-class because Europeans just obey the consensus of the community. Problem is their is going to be brain drain, even ISIS is going to the middle-east. Talented people will flock to the US and Japan and if China does thing right China will have centers where the innovative will congregate. Capitalism is needed for innovation because each group must focus on their specialty and what they are good while society provides for their basic needs.

  19. I CALL B.S.
    Canadian tech companies have seen an upswell in U.S. job applicants following last year’s U.S. presidential election, according to a recent questionnaire.

    A survey of 42 Canadian startups showed that nearly half saw a notable increase in applications from the U.S. this year, according to Toronto-based tech innovation hub MaRS. The tech accelerator queried startups in its network that had over $1 million in annual revenue and that were likely to have U.S. exposure.
    “Engineers wanting to immigrate to Canada from places like India are normal, but I’ve never seen anything close to the numbers of candidates from the U.S.” said Roy Pereira, CEO of automated virtual assistant company Zoom.ai.
    “Normally, we see zero to very small numbers of engineers applying to technical roles in Canada.”
    A recent Zoom.ai full-stack software engineer posting garnered over a hundred applicants, 31 percent of whom were from the U.S.

  20. I love reading the statements that dumb ass Trump supporters write. They are so hopelessly brainwashed. Go America keep your citizens stupid your doing a great job. Just read through the comments they post praising the conman in chief.

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