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THE FIRST HOUR HERE WE GO! | Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gameplay Let’s Play #1

Kingdom Come Deliverance gameplay walkthrough section 1. Played on PC for PS4, PC and Xbox one.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Steam – http://retailer.steampowered.com/app/379430/Kingdom_Come_Deliverance/
Judge Mathas – http://www.youtube.com/judgemathasgames
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  1. People are calling this a "realistic Skyrim rival."

    This doesn't even feel at all like Skyrim. It's closer to Mount and Blade imo.

    Those people also forget that Skyrim's combat is pretty tight. Here, it's very janky (again, like combat in M&B).

  2. Can somebody please help me? I've been playing this game all day today…how in the HELL do you escape the horse archers when you're fleeing the village??? I've tried it like 20 times! I'm galloping at full speed and dodging left and right on the path, but the f'n arrows are like lasers, it's a horrible mechanic, you can't do anything to avoid getting hit, if you leave the path to try to shake the riders, forget it you just get caught up in a fence or something and you're dead. I get killed every time I just about get past the bridge where you turn left, I have almost no health at that point! What the hell!!

  3. YOU'RE HAVE TO RUN. You aren't supposed to fight, keep running around the back until you see the horse and get on.

  4. Well with the day one patch the game show you how to fist fight

  5. Well, Dad might as well be played by Sean Bean, pretty sure no one was surprised by his inevitable demise.

  6. Got some serious Oblivion vibes from this game.

  7. Lip synchs kinda look like the ones in andromeda.

  8. Ok i DESPERATELY feel the need to explain this simply because i've gone through some hell getting this fact right as well
    For the Roman numerals IX is the equivalent to 9 XI is the equivalent to 11 PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD study more roman numerals if this game is going to be throwing that at you or else minor mistakes like that are going to drive me nuts and it's what not even 10 minutes to study it shit i'll even post you a fucking link to start studying!


  9. Can any one help me every time I run the game my disk reaches 100% so my computer crashes. It’s not like I have a bad computer. It’s annoying that it crashes ever 30 minutes any fixes?

  10. I hate to be 'that guy' but i am really unimpressed by the visual quality.

  11. the game is pretty ridiculous but it's fun to watch you play it. i'm sure you see by the numbers! keep up the good stuff mathas

  12. Mathas…
    You went full nerdcubed at the end. Never go full nerdcubed.

  13. Also the combat is super difficult in the beginning because henry (and you) have no idea what you are doing

  14. The game's combat looks like it sucks ass…

  15. Youtube reckons this is Technomancer lul

  16. Lol, at 54:10 character getting owned by a stick in the ground, should give some insight on the odds of victory, versus a fully trained and armored soldier…

  17. God the mother's voice acting is terrible

  18. Try to stop biting your fingernails.

  19. Really intresting game Skyrim meets DarkSouls , so it looks to me you can farm enemys to lvl up as youre sword lvl went up still after you died i will really like this game .

  20. It's a slavic game so healing potion is just vodka.

  21. Well it took me around 20 tries or so but I managed to beat that first soldier. Found out that the ai doens't seem to do well if you face away from them and walk, attack, and then spin and aim at them as they are charging at you. Bit exploitative but hey it worked.


  23. You (Henry) haven't learned how to parry & riposte and dodge yet. All very useful skills to have. (While not as ridicilious like in Dark Souls, imagine not being able to do those things in that game, you'd die, quickly). Not to forget all skill move unlocks you can get as you level.

  24. From what I've noticed, the purple-y pink bar next to your HP indicates the other's HP

  25. you lose not matter what here if you get in a fight. you don't get decent at combat until your training after a couple main quests

  26. The game is a simulation, pay attention to his stance, it's like real life fighting

  27. "Not sure if i'm gonna play it full-through". yes ok, sweet, cheers for letting me know not even to bother with this particular series then.

  28. Press Q to block with fists.

  29. Also, the first fist fight is difficult, almost like you're meant to lose…so that you can come back…with your friends.

  30. Please play this on your channel! I'd love to see more!

  31. oh wait the combat for kingdom come deliverance looks good but not as good as the combat in dying light at least not to me

  32. i have no idea why but you remind me of a younger, fair haired mark hamil

  33. haha, capslock as walk! This game has stole my default bindings! Always change walk/sprint (depending on the game) to capslock! So much easier to crouch on shift! At least with my stubby fingers!

  34. Hey man, can I send you a vial of my blood. It's sort of clean but don't drink it unless you really want to.

  35. Hal's father reminds me of Ned Stark

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