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Elon Musk’s ‘media empire’ staffed by ex-Onion writers might be called ‘Thud!’ – TechCrunch

If you’ll be able to consider anything else Elon Musk tweets, then ‘Thud!’ is the identify of the media project that the multi-CEO and area particular person is beginning up, staffed by former Onion writers he’s poached and doing one thing with comedy.

Musk it appears sought after to shop for The Onion first of all, however I suppose that fell via and as a substitute he went about assembling a staff of humorous folks with get admission to to keyboards to do no matter he’s doing on his personal. ‘Thud(!),’ I suppose.

I say this all with a point of uncertainty (together with the ‘might be’ within the headline to this newsletter) as it’s very laborious to inform when Musk is joking, trolling or another way enjoying with the media since we breathlessly record nearly the whole thing he does on social media (sure I do that, too).

We’ve reached out to Elon to determine if “Thud!” is one thing reliable or if he used to be simply being impish on Twitter as he’s wont to do from time to time and can replace this put up in case he supplies any cryptic hints both manner.

Regardless of what it’s called, the challenge and the Onion team of workers hires appear actual sufficient, so be expecting one thing involving jokes and media from Musk, I suppose when he’s no longer busy construction a Hyperloop, setting up a colony on Mars or making electrical automobiles a mass-market truth.

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