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7 reasons to use the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 for B-Roll

► The DJI OSMO MOBILE 2 for smartphone is a smart affordable means to get blank and easy cinematic B-Roll for your Youtube movies
Here are 7 reasons why you must get one.
Learn extra right here : http://www.dji.com/osmo-mobile-2


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  1. The moving timlapses at 1:03 are just amazing !

  2. I had no idea you can get this quality footage from a phone …

  3. The Footage was amazing, but you really need to train how you walk with the Osmo. You need to walk very softly in order not to get the up and down motion.

  4. Very interesting, as always. Vraiment intéressant (comme toujours).

  5. Awesome video might have to invest in one now

  6. Great video… btw. you can fake a drone with the Osmo Mobile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nG0DrFOZoiY

  7. Do you use this with android? (I spotted a Samsung in your video). Does the app function correctly?

  8. Exactly the same problem if you buy the Osmo and use the Z axis. When walking the up-and-down roll is awful and unusable. Love them or hate them the only way to get good shots like that is with a pro-gimbal even if your arms feel like they might just drop off 1/2 hour after using one.

  9. Can I know what tripod that is in the opening? I'm looking to get one for my new osmo mobile 2!

  10. Thanks for the video :). By the way, what mini-tripod were you using there?

  11. Do you know where I can find one in the US ? On apple. com the deliveries date are Mar 21 – Apr 4..

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