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ZOUKCOIN DID NOT EXIT SCAM | Let’s correctly classify what they did

Listen to all of the video so you’ll be able to perceive my standpoint. Zoukcoin did not “Exit Scam” – your funding did not pan out and they closed up store. Regardless, they have our closing btc – and can perhaps pocket no matter they did not use for advertising (or lack thereof), servers, infrastructure, and so on. With the loss of transparency, there is not any technique to inform how a lot they did pocket, however I might suppose it was once the vast majority of what was once left after they restricted BTC extraction from the website.

Let me know what you guys assume, and revel in your St. Patty’s day!

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  1. Don't get too crunk tonight bro lol. Dont want to see you on some Zouk telegram meme lol. Take care.

  2. got the sick fade! nice trim !

  3. yea I think they take it and then pocket some and invest the rest in Crypto!

  4. Lending platform or cloud mining, if they don't have a team listed, use generic images or don't show a legit address in the whois icann registration, I'm not touching it.

  5. very good explanation.I can see what you mean.but I still have to say it..Fuck Zouk.lol.

  6. Hey brother, yes you explained that very well, and theres absolutely a difference between the two. Its too bad that a large majority of people who invest in these platforms dont see the difference between the two. Thats mostly due to the fact that theyre new to investing and also new to crypto. I think certain types of people, like you, like me, and some others…who are optimists, and who are open minded, and see things beyond just whats in front of them will definitley agree that you nailed it! Its too bad Zouk shutdown, they really had a solid platform going. The weak platforms are falling off…….

  7. no, they would sell the restaurant assets to try and payback a portion of the initial investment however small that may be if any. these exit scams dont try to give any of the remaining btc back to the investors.

  8. Zouk looked like a very weak investment from the get go… i cant say scam, but i can say weak… and they just ran off. But with good money in hand do.

  9. Nice video Mediocre thx for the info and the more professional look at the ico zouk coin. Do we know how much btc they had when they left and the amount the owed there sellers before they left the building so to speak.

  10. I agree completely! I think the term exit scam is thrown around way too loosely. Like you mentioned with Davor the market conditions and fud pretty much backed them into a corner. An a few bad calls "country leaders" etc. They really seemed to take the brunt of what was meant for bitconnect. Similar circumstance of poor market conditions with zouk then add in it not having anywhere near the same amount of interest or hype. I think those of us in it saw the potential it had given how smooth the platform seemed to function. But with the market the way its been this year so far it was likely doomed from the start.

  11. Please do some research on Proof of Weak Hands 3D (PoWH3D). It utilizes the ETH smart contract to execute a particular transaction without human intervention. There is some interesting passive income possibilities. It seems to be something right up your alley……it gets away from the "lending platform" thing, someone like you should research it and educate the people. The website address is https://www.powh.io.

  12. I clicked so hard I nearly broke a thumb haha. Thought at first they were back… nope. Lol oh well. Phhhuck zouk and lending now. I'll only buy then flip the money for now on.

  13. no more investing unless they put actual faces and info out and a verifiable address for business.

  14. I disagree, these things are setup to fail since the beginning. The definition of "scam' is "a dishonest scheme; a fraud" you can say that I can't be 100% sure, but I can't disprove the tooth fairy either. It is no mere coincidence that just before exiting most of these platforms follow very similar patterns. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, to each their own. Great vid bro, keep it up.

  15. I call it a fail exit.

  16. I disagree that it wasn't a scam as from jump street they didn't reply to messages on their support tickets. No answers at all.Weather others see it that way matters not. I am sure that there will be a law suit to all the "company owners". As happened with Bitconnect and is currently going down with Davour. And as far as a company failing what generally happens is their is a bankruptcy filed , their assest are liquidated and investers, and vendors are to submit a request for compensation on funds due. The court then will decide who gets what. This may only be a fraction of what is owed if there are any assests. If these people didn't have a corporation for protection then the investers and vendors can go after these individuals personal assets. I am just glad once we signed up with a test investment we saw early on how they treated peoples investments. it seemed to be lost and we didn't send anymore in which would have been bad news for us. It is unfortunate that they went about their buisness the way they did, cause it looked as if they had an honest and competent group running it it could have been successful.

  17. I totally agree with your analysis. Too many people are too quick to scream exit scam at the drop of a hat without looking at the mitigating circumstances as to how and why a platform exited. Not all situations fall under the same category in this space, yet we are always too quick to paint everything with the same brush.

  18. They are all ponzis from the jump. It exit scammed

  19. Jacques Sekoutoure

    I strongly believe that somehow somewhere you are linked to these scammers. As you were amongst the zukcoin promoters and your saying proves it.

  20. Zouk, and the others had the scam already plan, and that is a fact! I am still in some of the other soon to come platforms, but it is because I get into them since Davor was paying me the interest. I got greedy as hell! LoL! I just hope to get something back, if not, that is my end with these scammers anyways.

  21. Icenter.co seems to be transparent

  22. Mediocre theres a lack of confidence in the market for crypto right now do you think people are questioning the physical worth of the coins.

  23. They took the bitcoin and they left.they exited so it's am.exit scam. If it talk like a duck and walks like a duck it's a duck

  24. First time watching one of your videos. Great video, but music was too distracting.

  25. ALL CRYPTO CURRENCIES are pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes, even the ones that were the original schemes, namely BITCOIN. Yes, not so long ago, Bitcoin did what USI Tech and Bitconnect are doing now. Without regulation, they are nothing but snake oil merchants. Quick rich schemes. All without a word that is true. There is some maturity within this sector, with the longest survivors still in place. Those coins merchants have learnt their lesson, and the oldest are now the ones that are the most wise, for they do not promise short term gains.

  26. Assholes stole my BTC

  27. Richard Shpankie

    Have you seen Proof of Weak Hands 3D? A whole bunch of YouTube videos are coming out about it. It seems kind of like lending platforms, but runs on a smart contract.

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