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What You NEED To Know About The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin value has captured the sector’s creativeness, however that isn’t the one sport on the town. Many possible choices have adopted the blockchain applied sciences swimsuit and are well-liked available on the market. Today I am going to check out the highest 5 crypto cash because it stands these days. Some of those I’m a large believer in and feature invested my cash. Others… no longer such a lot.

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Doug Polk is a qualified poker participant and cryptocurrency fanatic. Crypto News is the display to stay alongside of the newest traits and tales involving Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, Dash, and more than a few altcoins.

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  1. I think the MAIN confusion most ppl have with alt-coins is that they should have been called crypto-equity. Then ppl would see what they are buying into and would understand that bitcoin is currency while ripple is more like equity investment. Only difference is that there is no central control over the crypto-equity so it flows like normal exchange / currency but with alot more volatility. Anyways! Hope this helps someone understand

  2. Is it a cat or a dog ?

  3. doug don't fall into the roger ver trap, bitcoin cash is real

  4. oh i see now, you sold bitcoin cash because you were listening to the wrong people, do you follow /r/btc?

  5. The art of competition

    I think holding bitcoin at this point is more risky than New and improved crypto

  6. I love when people say ripple isn't good because it isn't decentralized and the founders own a large amount of it and ALWAYS fail to mention the fact that 95% of all bitcoins in circulation are owned by only 4% of the market…and 1% of the addresses control half the entire market of ALL bitcoin ever……the rich get richer 😉

  7. Can I get some of yalls thoughts on litecoin is it worth holding or should I sell and buy smaller coins like tron or ripple

  8. Informative!

  9. Informative!

  10. 5. Ripple
    4. IOTA
    3. Bitcoin Cash

  11. black cat

  12. Hey Doug… landed up on your channel while researching about crypto's, and man you are great… or should I say, make sense :)… have you already done a video on TRON and CARDANO? What's your take on them?

  13. Ok Doug,  as I understand it; Buy bit coin as a position, and other currencies as a gamble, ( like US dollars), it works for me. I have always maintained that Bit coin is the  go to currency when all else fails. Thank you Doug Polk Crypto, well thought out on your short but thoughtful insight . I have subscribed to your channel, final cut.  (temporarily subscribed, now permanent subscriber). I have always disagreed quantum easing  by the federal Reserve bank, just so to keep the greedy banks, etc.  afloat. A currency like Bitcoin is a great asset in international fair monetary balance policy.

  14. What is CoinCentral? is that where someone submits new ICO? where do people actually submit ICOs to also be listed on icoalerts?

  15. I keep losing focus because of the cat.

  16. Kissmyshinymetal3

    Roger Very coin, careful, you might hurt his feelings if you keep saying Bcash.

  17. I really happen to like Ripple/XRP. I think the company holding so much XRP helps incentivize them to increase it's value. Also, they locked up a lot in an escrow account to help stoke out the worries some investors had about them possibly just dumping their XRP. I think of all the crypto out now, XRP along with maybe ETH with their current use-cases in today's business' and financial systems, have the best chances of making Bitcoin and other altcoins more widely adopted.

  18. 15min. The best part. Could not say it better myself. Thank you

  19. Doug I have something to die for let me email you a screen shot of the video and time of a ex bcc expert ? Email or text

  20. Ha ha ha, Binks perumbulating the "cat walk"…🤣🤣🤣

  21. Ethereum is actually becoming a store of value

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  23. nice cat

  24. Really people need to start checking out digibyte people are really not noticing it and instead of investing in icos that haven't product invest in digibyte instead it's blazing fast and reliable .

  25. OMG your dog in the background is so damned cute! 🐶😱

  26. Hey Doug, can you please give me (us) other top exchanges to purchase altcoins through. Bittrex is only taking coporate members only. Thanks.

  27. how is the blockchain updated? that is a question I have had for months.

  28. Do u think doomsday is coming Doug? im getting the feeling doomsday is coming.

  29. That dog is so cute. Oh, and great video.

  30. What is best way ( with less fee ) buy crypto – atm cost like 15% Coinbase like 10% it is cheaper way ?

  31. just buy shares of AMZN, it will be worth over 20,000 a share in the future

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