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What is DeepOnion (ONION) Cryptocurrency? (Basic Coin Review)

What is DeepOnion Cryptocurrency? (Basic Coin Review). In this video, I give a fundamental breakdown of the DeepOnion cryptocurrency. Upon a assessment of the web site, this forex is one who is supposed for use via customers additionally the usage of TOR surfing (Tor=the onion routing) in addition to a VPN, with a view to be as safe and nameless as imaginable. Deeponion is all about transaction velocity, at the side of protecting customers id totally invisible/nameless, whilst additionally closing speedy and safe. While the title is related slightly with the deep and darkish internet, this forex might or is probably not used for the ones functions, however much more likely the cash in festival equivalent to monero and verge, are much more likely used for the ones actions.(consistent with articles I’ve noticed on Reddit). DeepOnion didn’t have an ICO and was once most commonly pre-mined, with cash allotted thru airdrops, mining, and bounties). Overall, I’m hoping you loved my fundamental assessment of this cryptocurrency and for those who did, please like, remark, subscribe, and percentage.Thanks for observing!
Disclaimer-I’m no longer a monetary marketing consultant/planner/analyst. Always visit a qualified monetary marketing consultant/planner/analyst for any kind of funding recommendation because it is very dangerous and it’s essential to lose your entire cash making an investment for those who aren’t cautious. My movies are all my critiques and will have to best be used for schooling and leisure and no longer for any kind of funding recommendation. NEVER A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANYTHING. MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. I’m really not accountable for any of your losses when buying and selling and making an investment. Not best do I NEVER give funding recommendation, however I additionally NEVER ask for cash.

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  1. Thanks for watching!

  2. Informative video.I also recently got acquainted with DeepOnion,but already in delight from him. Have you seen the price on the coin? 4 $ + .. Very cool

  3. Marianna Philippou

    Since this video the exposure and price of DeepOnion has skyrocketed! Good overview about the features and stats behind the coin, really helps spread the word and inform others about what the coin is about.

  4. Awesome review sir!! You explained it well. For those who are new in DeepOnion Trust it guys! You'll not regret it!! It has a huge and strong community and hardworking devs/moderators

  5. I'm glad that more and more video is being filmed about deeponion! this currency is worth the attention of many people!

  6. Thanks for this great review! Yup, DeepOnion is really a great currency it keeps on growing day by day! In the same way the amazing DeepOnion community is growing. 2018 will be the DeepOnion year!

  7. Great review, you are pretty much covering all basic aspect, but i would love to have some more update in the future!

  8. Алексей Белый

    Just think a little more than a month ago, Deep Onion stood 64 cents. And Today it's almost 4 dollars. Mad growth and I think this was affected not only by its unique features but also by the large community that works every day for the benefit of the crypto currency.

  9. Nice reviewing on DeepOnion it's very informative! DeepOnion have a great future for us! 🙂

  10. Thank you for your video about deeponion,deeponion is growing rapidly everyday because it is indeed a great project in term of anonymity.

  11. Thanks for another informations of DeepOnion, You are a very good and credible speaker I admire your skill. In addition, DeepOnion as promise is improving week by week. New features added, new rules implemented, new adjusments added I support that activity that the Developers are working with. Thankful that I found the community it really suits my needs.

  12. I think the DeepOnion has its own chip that will help to get it to a new level, already now it shows an excellent result and continues to grow .

  13. It's a very excellent video that introduce Deeponion. Thanks for your work and I am a newbie for deeponion community and I learn more about deeponion now. I believe in deeponion because it has great technologies and harmonious community. Hope deeponion get better and better!

  14. I have never seen such a cohesive community. As a rule, many people come and then go to various crypto-currencies to take a short-term profit. Here every week more and more people become users of DeepOnion. This is a very good sign.

  15. first of all thanks for describing very deeply about the deeponion than your style of explaining is remarkable . By your this video many of people will get know how about success and efforts of deeponion so that here interest will make it more successful keep doing such pretty work. i really like your videos keep doing it with deeponion because it has great potential

  16. This is awesome. I love it and trying to work on here!

  17. hooo yeah the deeponion is very impressive thanks to this youtube to make some video about review deeponion. DeepOnion is have so much potential, the price is rising daily to feature the DeepVault & DeepSend yet to release..

  18. That's a nice review of a sleeping giant.
    I really believe this is going to get big one day and I'm happy I'm aboard.

  19. I commend you in making this very intersting video. Thank you in making a review on DeepOnion Community.

  20. Antonio Milosavljević

    DeepOnion is very impresive coin. I think that DeepOnion will be big really big in couple of years it has a lots of potentional to growe and sooner or later it's going to be in top 10 coins on cryptocuriencymarket. Thanks to your video more people will find out abouth DeepOnion great job man, great video…. 🙂

  21. Thank you for the honest review of DeepOnion. It has risen rapidly since you posted this and I can see it still go up. It is informative and covered all the basics which is beneficial to those who are not yet familiar eith DeepOnion

  22. Scam. Wont even reach 15 usd ha. Morons

  23. Hello mate, nice seeing a rewiev of deeponion. Keep spreading the word about DO to the masses, great project with awesome team and community with big potential. Keep up the good work, cheers!

  24. stefan dimitrovski

    the price of deep onions goes up, the safety of our onions is really at its highest level. only remains to be invested a real huge profit is awaiting.

  25. rostislav gaydarski

    Thank you for the review, i support DeepOnion.I'm thinking to invest time and money in it.The price is a bit low at the moment but i still believe it will go up atleast 2 times.Everything got it's up and downs you know.

  26. Your analysing efforts are too good, it's really help some people but what about the beginners, so that I choose deeponion cryptocurrency for me, it's a great opportunity to make your future secure, due to it's increasing growth rate more and more people becoming fan of deeponion, it's a futuristic cryptocurrency which will show the world it's real worth, so you should also check deeponion for sure.?

  27. Richard Smith I.rigdh

    DeepOnion is the best excellent task at that moment.During its reality, the coin has effectively gained a colossal community,which demonstrated the inconceivable collection and trust of the group to this extend. DeepOnion is an incredible innovative and cordial group.

  28. Thanks for the video. The onion value is over $3 and I just can see it raising.

  29. Where to buy?

  30. HOLY SHIT, SOMEONE GOT RICH. Its $12.27 as of 1-8-18

  31. When I look at the price now, I wish I had bought more at that time.

  32. so do you send you crypto here and than how do you get it off the web to spend it?

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