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Verge & Token Pay partner w/ Bank? – Ethereum to charge RENT! – Bitfinex moving!

Verge & Token Pay partner w/ Bank?
Ethereum to charge RENT!
Redesigned Bittrex web site
TRON TRX best performer in recent times
Has Bitcoin reached the ground?
IOTA new web page and Trinity pockets coming quickly
Bittrex delisting 82 cash
Newegg accepting BTC from Canadian Customers
Bitfinex now not checklist Petro Coin
Bitfinex transferring to switzerland
Cryptopia customers nonetheless having withdrawal problems


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  1. IOSTOKEN (IOST)looks good to go.
    1. Huge volume spikes
    2. Low cap
    3. Unique consensus and extremely high throughput.
    4. Smart contracts
    5. Efficient Distributed Sharding
    6. Dev team
    7. Binance
    8. Privately funded (plebs don't have any supply to dump)
    9. Team

  2. Great video Chris like always. I a Tron holder and I believe that the Tron will se I higher run on May 31 when the main net lunches. I would be in the look out for then

  3. Bank of America 😎 for deeVerge
    ETH will die a slow death.
    Enter… Dragonchain!!!!
    Vitaliks Hat size is Huge.
    Poloniex and Goldman Sachs will…pump pump pump…then dump dump dump.

    Brisket Tacos are good.
    And that dude that doesn't own Crypto but likes to watch?
    Seem like that is not the only things he likes to watch 🤔…wife swap?

  4. If binance starts pairing Altcoins with fiat, wouldn't that kill bitcoin price ? Right now the first use of BTC is trading them, If that is taken from it, what will happen in ur opinion ?

  5. 👍👍👍

  6. Thanks ❤️

  7. Hi Chris, I wonder if you can advise me. For whatever reason Binance will not let me open an account (it tells me either my email or password is wrong, I know both are good). Could you tell me or link me to the best way to buy cardano? Thank you.

  8. God Bless Ya CBC !!!

  9. Hi Chris.. haha not only the Like button SMASH the Bell button too for current updates.. waiting for some video for ETN bec' looks like now it's in a good buy price. all the best for your good work from Melbourne,AU

  10. Love the latest crypto news that you take time to discuss! Thanks Chris!

  11. Well done sir, your videos are first on the list to watch now. No BS/Hype, thank you.
    I don't care for your channel name though, too cheesy, re-brand?

  12. I'M with Coinbase, because I'm new to CRYPTO, they need to improve their customer skills, there awful. I Don't understand how they get away with it.


  14. Hi Chris, just another update on GDAX… I've had a customer support ticket opened for the last month. When I enter all of my credentials + 2 factor, the login hangs. They GDAX team has been saying the same thing for the last month (sorry you can't log in, we should update you soon). I hope I didn't lose multiple BTC… I'd recommend Gemini or Kraken for fiat into crypto

  15. Hi Chris your thoughts on KIN coin in two to three years time.

  16. Lots of new coins passed my eyes as they have no substance — but I saw one that grabbed my attention. It's called Safein coin have look at it Christ — happy Easter!

  17. rumors are that that xvg had to pay taxes, and invented this partner pitch, which is still a mistery????

  18. Buying that German bank it seems.

  19. Im embarrased. i have a little xvg and I dont really know what it does. Justin Vandetta-cool ass name though… Also, Dang! Proud of all yall! Nobody is pannicking or even mentioning btc is down to 6850 right now. Cool customers. Thats what we need!

  20. Top video Chris very informative

  21. LOL im from germany

  22. super dave is that you ?

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