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Top Cryptocurrency Wallets For Beginners & Exodus Wallet Setup

Guide to common cryptocurrency wallets for freshmen and learners. Tips on why to make a choice several types of bitcoin, ethereum and alt coin wallets for blockchain asset garage. How to arrange an Exodus pockets.

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  1. #atua Yoo when are u announcing the winners

  2. #Atua can't wait to see who won!!

  3. I wouldn't really say a Ledger Nano S is a beginner wallet

  4. Awesome guide, i really love using Exodus on my Desktop. I only keep 2k or less in Exodus. All my HODL's go in the Ledger Nano S

  5. #atua thank you for being a role model

  6. No longer interested.Thanks any way.Willard

  7. awesome

  8. Cool video Atua!!

  9. Tkx for the insights. I’ve been wondering what u might be using for a wallet. Realize there are prob pitfalls to watch out for.

  10. I checked your donation adresses and there is not much donated yet. If this channel keeps uploading cool videos I will donate some crypto, you guys deserve it!

  11. Can you also exchange real money into crypto money, eg using a credit card?

  12. Nice video, can u do one for ledger? Thanks 4 sharing.

  13. If you set up a neon wallet is it stored online or on the hard drive on my computer?

  14. Also if you do the exchange on the wallet is it cheaper then sending it to an exchange and selling and buying like you were going to with eth to lite? Is that what you recommend?

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