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TOP 8 ALTCOINS That Will Make You RICH in April 2018!? *35x GAINS!* Top 8 Cryptocurrencies 2018

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Let’s check out my best 8 cryptocurrency/altcoins to take a position in for April of 2018. We can be taking a look at those altcoins in 2 techniques: basically and in addition with Technical Analysis.

The are one of the vital easiest cryptocurrencies to shop for at this time. As bitcoin continues to upward thrust, the price of those best crypto which might be tied to bitcoin will move up in conjunction with it. The are one of the vital best crypto in 2018 this present day, they all trending to wreck out in April.

This is all assuming the marketplace continues to pattern usually. Any FUD or Whales pulling out of the cryptocurrency marketplace may tank those predictions.

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**DISCLAIMER**: It’s not that i am a monetary guide nor am I giving monetary recommendation. I’m sharing my biased opinion primarily based off hypothesis. You will have to no longer take my opinion as monetary recommendation. You will have to at all times do your analysis sooner than making any funding. You will have to additionally perceive the hazards of making an investment. This is all speculative primarily based making an investment.

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  1. You should tell your people about BUZZ Coin.

  2. Frank van Dieen


  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I have some research to do now!

  4. 1FBg8nZnvirM2W1ZkJ1p2kuYyeWXtj8sKo btc

    wish xrp moon again..

  5. You old enough to work??

  6. hmm first time 3 and now 8 ….

  7. Shitcoins lol..

  8. Announce me 😀

  9. I find your videos very informative…. do you recommend your choices as long term holds or more as daily trading?

  10. cardano….all the way….


  11. Stacy Dale Barendse

    Tron is joke compared to Nexus.

  12. BNB is High

  13. eos ,etn,bts.qash.tpay.xvg.trx.redd

  14. What a fool he does not know cryptocurreny

  15. love the show man.I got a bag of a few of those coins including your fav TRON .where is Ncash though ?lol
    BTC- 1Jp6Qr9bMydsjUuZFC4inR5uu4dmd3KtAR

  16. "This is not financial advice" yet you say "If you see TRON under 3c then go ahead and buy it right away"…..you're really giving advice there despite your disclaimer. Careful with the language you are using. A better way to say it would be that in you 'opinion' TRX is undervalued at less than 3c. That way you are not encouraging people to buy…….just my opinion and not trying to disrespect your video. Also the shill of the merchandise could be turned down a notch or two too…

  17. Thanks
    Btc : 18B2TJdJcZVxEUQA8Wh71ECDEZ41XVPCTx

  18. Very Professional Lil Bro! Good Job!

  19. impatient potato

    iota wallet=0

  20. impatient potato


  21. low roller scratcher

    Why no dogecoin?

  22. Great video dude.

  23. Chronic crypto, here in Brazil, I always follow your channel. Congratulations on helping out with your reviews! I believe very much in the TRX, will have a great appreciation!
    I always advertise your channel here in Brazil!
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  25. love your channel. BTC : 1FhS7kKyxX7q2gGDcsoGRWaoBhuoBRnwXV

  26. Maybe it's time to go east? Russian market is growing fast, so take a closer look on SIbcoin (SIB)!

  27. Some good one's in there.

  28. Click bate

  29. Telcoin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 10 x gain on bitcoin private when listed on major exchange 👍

  31. where the fcuk are u talking about coins already high..you couldn't have done this video before it was this high..u donkey

  32. fcuk.. fcuk fcuk

  33. Daquary Padamonsky

    👍good vid

  34. (Ethereum Limited Total Coin) ELTCOIN will be big i believe Aswell. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/eltcoin/

  35. Has chart showing penny value all the way until December 17 then says at 3:25 "it's at 5 dollars which is literally it's all time low"

  36. how about ETN!? Its high was .23 and now around .025 its going to be a dollar coin one day soon. zcash I think your right on Dragonchain was $6 before the crash and has been growing everyday!

  37. I think Electroneum is a good one.

  38. FilthyTalentedInc

    Hey Chronic Crypto thank you, great advice!
    If anybody feels like donating I would greatly appreciate it! I am a beginner just blazing my first trails!
    Ethereum & or any other associated coin- 0x94e65cA5c18FF6Cd84Ee22f367eeeF85F88b0269

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  39. Fully bullish on

    1. Cardano
    2. Ncash
    3. Litecoin
    4. NEO
    5. Electra

  40. No need to exaggerate, the coins you mention as faster than BTC, truly are. But never in all my paying with BTC for anything, or trading, or selling has it taken anywhere near 2 he's. And Lite is pretty damn quick. It's like in televisions, 4K is great, but 1080P throws a great pic and gets the job done. Great video just the same. I'll be tuning in for sure and will check out your store. Have a great day! 🙂

  41. *house.. spelling error, sorry…

  42. I have LOTS of Ncash HODL till 2019 💰💰 I listen to all my investors FIRST ..

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  45. its not the number of circulating coins that ,matter its the market cap that counts.

  46. What you think about SciDex? I heard that they have a promising project.

  47. check out BANCA up 400 % in two weeks….

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