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Top 5 Cryptocurrency that will make you RICH 2018

I’ve been having a look into Cryptocurrency so much within the closing 6 months. Today, I’m going to percentage with you the best 5 cryptocurrency that you must spend money on for a large go back in 2018. Forget Bitcoin or Ethereum

1. Tron TRX
2. XVG Verg
three. XLM Stella Lumen
four. BRD Bread coin
5 LiteCoin LTC

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  1. Excellent video!!

  2. lovely this is fine good looking car you are okay keep itup

  3. This is the FUTURE ppl we need to get on this ASAP!!

  4. Jonathan Silverio Reyes

    I Just boutgh 10 dollars of tron

  5. When I read headline I was thinking If I dont hear TRON I won't take you seriously and then happened to be first 🙂
    Agree with your picks only have not heard about BREAD, will look into it more.

  6. Mthwakazian Mthwakazian

    Does anyone know how I can unsubscribe to this crap?

  7. Xlm is partnered with ibm = $$$

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  9. What exchange $USD do you use to TRADE these penny coins. I know of GDAX & Poloniex but most of the cheap coins are not tradeable $ on those 2 exchanges

  10. Alpha SQUAD official

    That kid is so cute and adorable! <3 🙂

    What exchange do you recommend for the ALTS?

    Just subbed your Crypto NRD channel.

  11. Alpha SQUAD official

    make a video about iungo ico

  12. BRK.B is highly recommended I sold it when it was $130 only 15 months ago now it's fluctuate around $200

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