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Take the whole thing i say as natural leisure worth best. Do no longer take any monetary recommendation from me in any respect. It’s not that i am a monetary consultant, I’m best documenting my crypto adventure for others to look at. With each and every funding platform, altcoin or program there are a large number of dangers. Know what you might be entering and do your personal analysis first!

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  1. 😎 CrypThreads 😎 – The Best Crypto Clothing: https://crypthreads.com THANKS GUYS 😉

  2. Agustin Di Virgilio

    I think DATA is a very good option, i invested $50 on that one. I like it becouse the coin it self and the background looks very promising, and the idea that is not on Bittrex or Binance gives a bonus becouse if gets listed price 99% go up.
    LTC: LaDgkM2TrqAgom5QaywEzHm3QFmoLNtQBh


    another great vid…thanks Jack

  4. AleXander LaLiLuLeLo

    Good picks I'm aso holding Komodo, I think is undervalued and the fud behind the team is gonna disappear by the end of the year.


  5. Thanks for the video. What are your thoughts on Refereum (new ICO)?

  6. thank you for sharing these coins keep up the great work! LRdBkEhRnsh3FHFCKcAo3XYmnXw7XqKx3X

  7. I love crypto, but the market is super fickle. The good thing is, when the pump comes, those who have bought now will be rewarded. Just hang in there. The market WILL go back up!

  8. I'm not selling, I'm just sad I don't have fiat to Buy more Lg2MMNSmVeLosLAdmJthox6XeYuBA9caQo

  9. Just the gloom of winter and a down trend time in the past. All the bad news, fud, with the get rich quick flooding in piled on top of that. Spring is the real beginning of the year, in the past it always been the time of real growth in crypto. I feel that trend will continue in 2018. LS9wTpNbahuWF26up149M7tcDZ2iPEeDys

  10. My profits slowly went from 170% to 7% now and i'm kind of shitting my pants, even when i'm almost sure that my coins will be big in a few months.
    ltc: Lhr6C72XBis1HTha3euWsFJ2gqS4d3rcgq

  11. I wish I had money to buy Bitcoin now, I think its a really good time to buy some. Lf6iWyNzjnAjWxVRczsWHHt29yWT1MSNn4

  12. The bankers are pumping and dumping for sure, why wouldnt they :/ Lets hope we recover!
    Another good video thanks for being here on this red day 🙂 most other youtubers are nowhere to be seen on days like these.

    litecoin: LTvVmUNaPbEqSM4d8CimDWVXdh5Ksac4e1

  13. Stay strong people, know what you’re investing in. Don’t panic and sell during the dip. LYfG7fhGaD5zJ7S6iS7NhzMPWCQzca4rQV

  14. ETH/BTC going up like crazy! If you are holding any ETH there will be a great pivot to BTC in the near future. My opinion.
    ltc: LhPSeS7aekvtQCdUwTgXC1Y1t2Z5mQBGRa

  15. I'm holding a few of these so I hope you are right and for those that are not holding today is an opportunity to get in.

  16. Woohoo, thank you for the $20, I literally took advantage of the cheap Davorcoin and bought a few more to stake. I’m pretty confident that Davor will recover from all the recent events.

  17. ya my BTC and LTC has fallen a good deal. but i believe they will both rebound well! LerUcCQuaeSBTTsJbuPnH6iavwHWfFmGwL

  18. Cryptos are crashing but HODL tight it will eventually go up to where it belong. LT4Eqq8qQF1nPyv8GTaGFsZy7azztqmmkJ

  19. Hi Jack, Looking at Stellar and Neo I think this project is going to make big run in the near future. Lh57LRvzpcEjD6sr9ehzLuJ9XcJqYsZS5r

  20. I sort of envy those getting in right now, the prices are insane and with all of the FUD a few projects are going to explode. I can't believe Monero is this low.

  21. Check Jack, nice Video.
    Go on!


  22. Great video… thanks.. Do you think this is the year where bitcoin will end?

  23. yes, I think so…
    DTA is a good plan

  24. siacoin like a sleeping tiger and wake up

  25. in the future maybe I will accumulate a lot of dent, while still cheap


  26. Fist time on your channel.. you got a new Sub here! ty.


  27. I really like some of those picks I have been hodling on some of them even though because of this market they have gone down a bit. I haven't heard to much about DATA though. LdpiUtD7e5YVq17CHSLrcBcWYDmZTD5zLA

  28. You all may laugh at mw but what is fud?

  29. What do you think about lower exchange markets? are they safe? LPSCYsBtgp6tix2dXUg1Z5JUNXTjdCzZnM

  30. Interesting to see the coins that pump during this major downswing. I don't really agree with all of your coins, but good info and clean analysis. Thanks for another great video. LTC: LXhJ63ee824dnfZP7tBXq2aueqk1e8BonW

  31. Hey like the channel and your insight into the coins to keep a watch on. Do you think Dav will bounce back?
    LTC: LeVjdPmH4k5Ze6uFZMLyYe6cVbENhgY8Ju

  32. bitcoin is falling apart!! litecoin – LcCsmVC2yU8Wu8CWYig6FsdV2U1tTTQ546

  33. thanks for the info I always learn something watching your clips. I am just starting out so all the info is great. LYPgYDAvAEpU3LdjfVVoaTCWrrJMeZqjD1

  34. whether bitcoin will end?


  35. Muchamat Setiyawan

    Content that really leads to success


  36. What do you think about the new USI tech "Tech coin"   LLYFUoFDuE6PasjQgupsJYaLwvdKjaQKUq

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