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Top 5 Altcoin Coins for December! Which coins will run? | NAC3 Conference

Top altcoins for december that I believe will run.

NAC3 Conference Guest: https://www.nac3.io/

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  1. streamr and bitclave will make solid moves.

  2. I like Dash a lot, I think the DOA model is working and also I like their use of the treasury model. In terms of commerce coins I think it has the most potential for growth. The instant send feature they talk about is what we all want in a currency and their partnership with Alt Thirty Six means they could become the go to coin for the marijuana industry which could potentially be huge. Would love to link up in Vegas!!

  3. HEy Cryptobud! Loce your insight and would love to see you at the conference!

  4. nice vid. also take a look at grs, nav, poll

  5. What do you think of Cardona? Can you do a piece on it?

  6. Lol. Stop pumping Power . At 1$ i posted it will correct 60 80% . 250mil mcap is HUGE

  7. substratum – net neutrality topic is really hot right now, using SUB network does not require you to change you'r domain name which makes it the only one token to date that solves this issue, imagine if Amazon has to change their domain, also SUB token has gone up 5x and is still super cheap.

  8. Love NEO & POWr, but No IOTA? why?

  9. guys don't put extra money for the crypto just wait the correction! buy low sell high! i would like to buy but the preises in 1D and 4h charts still in overbought zone and i think Bitcoin still need a good correction and if that happens, Bitcoin will also take the altcoins down

  10. Dash blew up over night.

  11. I️ still like POWR because it’s a revolutionary peer to peer market that has a lot going for it. 1 it’s government backed 2 it can ride the wave in a new market that hasn’t succeeded in finding the best payout method for promoting solar 3 you know how sunny it is in Australia like damn o.o

  12. All my alt coins besides GAME are doing well

  13. POWR all the way because Jemma Green (her surname is Green, come on)

  14. you can only send complete neos. Thats horrible

  15. i love dash is my favorite coin and i also like zec please send me my tiket 🙏🏼👏🏽

  16. TenX will out do them

  17. #1 NEO.

  18. I'd love to go to Vegas for this! Hmm.. I'll need to check out lodging

  19. DASH!!! I believe Dash will take the forefront due to how strong the team is and active on building a community. the Dash team listens to its holders and takes advice. As in Alt coins dash has become the most talked about recently and, as you already said becoming easier and easier to use. the transaction speed is instant and private which are the top reasons why most people are going/looking into crypto-currencies. Dash's two tier Network also beats bitcoins single tier, making faster and more secure transactions meaning you can use it more. so for the long run Dash is the way to go. I enjoyed listening to your video and would love to hear what you have to say at the conference. Keep up the videos!

  20. POWR – this is a potential solution to the ageing electrical grid systems all over the world. Their model is so disruptive, I would not be surprised to see a megacorp power company make massive offers to purchase control.

  21. You forgot the most important one…Cardano. It's 3rd generation blockchain, the most decentralized coin, and it's made by a huge team of PhD's.

  22. Patriot Sleeper Cell

    zcash and dash is virtually unattainable (expensive) Neo is not going to be an Ethereum killer. ETH is too big. Power might do well so is raiden.

  23. Patriot Sleeper Cell

    Dont forget Electronium!

  24. Patriot Sleeper Cell

    Electronium will be a monster

  25. Christopher Michael

    ADA Cardano Charles Hoskinson former CEO of Ethereum. The potential of ADA now that Charles is heading the project is massive!!! BUY AND HOLD!

  26. I did my research on Raiden Network, explored GitHub, Reddit, and read what the team is saying about their project in their Medium article. I just don't get why would you add additional layer of friction in form of a RDN token. Last but not least, have you seen their team? There is not even a team section on their website!! That's like a red flag for me, cause I first invest in people and only then into idea. You should have pointed it out.

    Have you try using ZCash? Like, actually using it? I tried. Thank you, not for me.

    Bullish on POWR though, definitely my favorite from your list.

  27. HEY CB. Been following you since August this year, Love your work and dedication you put into Crypto and I always look forward watching your post. From your No#1 fan from the land down under 😎

  28. IOTA wil be the way to go for machine to machine communication, which is together with AI and big data the future of the internet !!

  29. Cryptobud. Top man. Thanks for early Bitcoin Cash tip.

  30. OmiseGO, DASH, IOTA, ZEC, NEO

  31. NE!! love the Gas dividend. Causing more to never sell which raises the price.

  32. I'd take Cardano over NEO

  33. Kirsty's Astrology

    Brilliant love Neo!

  34. Dash is one of the toughest and most resilient mineable coins proving a good project with this type of coin is a force to be reckoned with. Their community is rock solid and the devs are working on the goals constantly notifying the users on their forum which is I guess what managed to keep dash under the radar for too long. I think this can easily become one of the top 3 coins in the not so far future, and when it really gets discovered it may be priced around a couple of thousands into the 2nd Q of 2018. I mean they already had 70x this year ?!!

  35. Hey crypto bud, what do you think of Cardano (ADA)?

  36. Z-Cash is a great buy for multiple reasons! One of which is the advanced security they provide to their consumers, which out performs the privacy measures that even BitCoin can offer. Z-cash has implemented zero-knowledge cryptography security features that allow users to decide for themselves what level of transparency they would prefer for their transactions. Through the use of this zSNARks technology transactions are still tracked to ensure fungibility without revealing user data. Also, along with many other cryptocurrencies over the last few months Z-Cash is steadily gaining value. Investing in this cryptocurrency is not only a good idea due to the additional security of information. But also because in the long run it will move up in the crypto market and gain tractions that perhaps Bitcoin will not even be able to rival.

  37. Do a video on trading crypto penny stocks, or monthly picks. So easy for peeps to miss these great opportunities. Best tip is to not get caught up in panic sells peeps. Bitcoin was meant to end 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 + years ago. I invest in the penny stocks. Easy to get carried away with the big end of town, not remembering the big boys started out at the bottom. Been trading the penny stock crypto (1 and 2 cents) and turning great profits. Trick is finding those worthwhile contenders and hedging your bets on a decent return Safe Exchange on Bittrex has started its rise and hodling very well.

  38. Even though all above coins are very strong on fundamental, as investor am betting on PowerLedger and RDN, which will 3x my money sooner than others. Thanks for filtering out.

  39. 1.Vertcoin
    Top three for 2018 imo

  40. RDN

  41. 19GYsWoiPx2KShxeoG4UK7EBsAYnvuB2ZP
    pls put me on your list . I really need it 🙁

  42. My entry:
    Sentances: 1.its good. 2. it does good. 3. it will do well. 4. dr ceo is smart. 5. has two different tokens. (my keyboard and mouse arebroken)

  43. Buy power now and thank me later! 3 dollar soon!

  44. DGB just broke out, a lot sooner than I thought.

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