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This Week in Crypto #3 – Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase, “Crash”, Christmas, 2018

Welcome again to this week in crypto! It is Christmas Eve, however it’s also Sunday! We’re 100% commited and are sending anyway! Today we will be able to speak about Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase, Christmas and the following coming yr of 2018!

Thanks for gazing guys 💝
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  1. Sergio Paulo Rocha

    This market cap activity resembles a volcano ready to blow or a earthquake ready to strike, hopefully we start 2018 with a few eruptions and shakes.

  2. Thanks for the great content Ivan! If you have time, I would be very interested in a video about DPoS and how it could be an improvement on PoS.

  3. Bitcoin has to do better then trying to find a person to exchange with. Very disapoiny hope this gets fixed. Lightning Network sounds like a major pain in the butt

  4. It works as a store of value if you bought it at less than 13,000, or for long term holders. You don't want your store of value to fluctuate so wildly. When you have large fluctuations you can't be confident the value will be there when you need the cash in a pinch. It's not reliable.

  5. Merry Christmas, from the US.

  6. Tom from Northern California

  7. Thank you Ivan, watching from Newfoundland :), Canada.! Thank you for reassuring us on the Vision, and not just the purchase of crypto as a stock.

  8. what about hashgraph

  9. Does BITCOIN core support SBTC????

  10. Merry Christmas from Sydney Ivan, appreciate all you do for us, bring on 2018!

  11. There is no crime involved in any trading with knowledge

  12. Frickin wicked awesome vid !!! 🙂 Cheers for sharing guys !!! 🙂
    Dunno if its pos to get the "live chat" on-screen aswell??? 🙂
    I'll try and catch the next show live…
    Cheers again !!! Happy Xmas !!! 🙂

  13. Bitcoin will Correct much more before another new all time high. I’d guess we see $11,000 tested again the next 72 hours

  14. Pls take a look at Rimbit coin.. Next REDD/DGB coin?

  15. It’s not bitpay fault It’s bitcoin Blockchain being slow and having fees be like $50.00 plus

  16. There is no value in bitcoin if fees and delays don’t change. Bitcoin grew because it was going to be money and fast and cheap transactions. It will not stay high value if this isn’t fixed

  17. You guys should make this a podcast it’d be extremely popular

  18. How much has the market expanded since late November? Maybe the magnitude of the crash approximately mirrors the % of newbies who freaked out at crypto's inherent volatility.

  19. I hope the people choose to use crypto exchanges that have strict insider trading rules and prevention strategies, the accountability should be with the exchange and the users need to choose their exchanges wisely based on this.

  20. Guys you all look the same. Who is who?

  21. Crypto Cliff notes

    Merry Christmas to the whole this week in crypto squad!!!

  22. God jul, och thx for all the great work all of you do 🙂

  23. Question: When will it be able to buy Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase for Euro?

  24. Ivan can you please please look at verge?

  25. Merry Chirstmas

  26. Merry Xmas to the guys at Ivan's channel! THanks for all the great videos in 2017. See you at the academy course

  27. Look at UBIQ and DECRED (DCR) for big gainers in 2018. Ubiq is like eth but better, decred is a privacy anonymous coin with better tech then both monero and verge

  28. IVAN REQUEST: The Future is not Blockchain. It's Hashgraph. MAKE A VIDEO ON THIS TOPIC

  29. Ivan you need smarter partners. they are slowing you down.

  30. Ivan do you live in Jönköping? 🙂

  31. I googled the best Youtuber on crypto and…here I am.

  32. Hi Ivan, Merry Christmas, really love your channel, very informative and educational in a deeper sense than just speculating in crypto trading. I wanted to ask; how much do you know about the technology about Cardano (ADA)? I assume that in the future you will be able to create smart contracts on the cardano blockchain and I assume there will be an ICO space within the Cardano space as it is in the ethereum network. Maybe you can help me understand this better.

  33. Hello,please make video about Spectrecoin (XSPEC), it is very interest coin but no professional info about it

  34. Dogecoin founder is doing stupid things , check these circulating supply, if they add day by day more coins then I think it's price will not go up…!!!! …………………….stop stop add more dogecoin…..!!!!! plz sir message Dogecoin founder..!!!! dogecoin a joke !!!! yes or no..!!!

  35. Merry Christmas crypto brothers!!! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  36. hey ivan what u thing about wanchain it's another Neo or ICOn ?

  37. Good work Ivan..I suggest you interview "Exodus" people, where you can ONLY buy and trade BTC LTC and ETH out of 18 coins on their wallet! EOS OMG CVC BAT DCR GNO FUN all unavailable!

  38. Also, your guests are very smart and interesting, thank you…Tell them they have a future and giving back keeps the pipe open…you give more…you get more!

  39. I don't know if your guests are supposed to be experts at something, but aside from helping you remember the word collateral, they added nothing of interest to this discussion at all. And please tell them to mute when they are not speaking! Great content usually.

  40. Ivan give your guests some space to contribute, they sit there silent for minutes on end

  41. Hey great stuff ✌🏼 Found you from a Grant Cardone interview actually

  42. Yas, Boras, bitcoin, she is going down in the new year!
    How, is Natasha?

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