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Simple Cryptocurrency Scalping Strategy

This video showcases a shockingly easy to make use of technique (The Pivot Reversal Strategy) that signifies actual purchase and promote issues + provides a sign if the marketplace is bullish or bearish. You can to find this indicator on Tradingview.

Cheat Sheet I: 1:17
Examples: 1:30
Statistical Backtesting of the Strategy: 7:50

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  1. Tommaso Giannessi

    My PRS shows totally different percentages in backtesting. it says 19.8% if following the strategy.
    Can't understand why so different results with same chart and same timeframe….

  2. Is there any way to set up a buy/ sell alert on TradindView.com in this strategy?

  3. One of the best and most valuable videos I’ve seen on YouTube re: crypto trading.

    Would anyone know if this would also be effective with altcoins against a BTC pairing? Would the indicators still be reliable?

    I do not have TV Pro yet so would appreciate if anyone has any insight / answer to this question.
    All the best everyone

  4. Hey, what platform are you using in this video for the trades?

  5. is it poss to add an audio alert or pop up so we dont have to look at the screen for ages while waiting for a buy arrow to poop up ( for PRS)

  6. Great video very useful indicator. I am using coinigy and the indicator does not exist. Do you know if there is something else like this in Coinigy?

  7. As per Jason G asking, there is any way to create alert when the arrow that indicate to buy/sell appear?

  8. Thanks for the nice video, do you have any video on YouTube talking about frame time ?
    Thanks again

  9. Very helpful! Thanks.

  10. Very glad I stumbled onto this, thanks for the content. I've been playing around with the pine editor to set up alerts with the Alertcondition code. Not have much luck so far as I have to change it from a strategy to a study. Do you know of a way to set up alerts for when it pivots?

  11. Your a hidden GEM! thank you so much…

  12. Bro it’s such a HEADACHE to monitor this shit MACD, RCI etc everyday… this makes it much easier …

    Thank u so much

  13. I have a question the PIVOT REVERSAL STRATEGY option has SETTINGS, did u set it up in any particular way?

    Is there like a setting more preferable to set it on?


  14. Is there something like BFXLS but for binanace?

  15. I've been searching for days on how to add audio (or text) alerts for this pivot reversal strategy. Everyone's asking, but no answers. Does anyone know how to do it? (I know it has to be coded… but does any one know or have the code? or tutorial).

  16. Great video! Is there a delay for the arrows to appear to buy or sell on trading view or is it instant? Just seeing is it beneficial to watch the charts waiting for the arrow to appear or will it appear later after the candle has formed? Thanks

  17. great video dude. great insights in trading way better then all the pumping around youtube these days

  18. I was thinking – why not just buy at market price (immediate buy order) then put a limit sell order with price that covers fees and also adds a small profit, and then just wait? When/if the price raises to your limit order, it will be executed, and then you just repeat the process (immediate buy, sell with slightly increased) over and over again. Will it work? What are the caveats?

  19. Ok….. but uhh what about false breakouts and stuff like that

  20. Is there a way to create an alert when this pivot reversals appear?

  21. You soft spoken son of a gun. Thank you.

  22. Hello
    Thank you for your video
    Would you advise formula PRS uses to build its both blue and red arrows? Or anywhere to read about this? Thank you

  23. You're my hero 🙂 Thank you so much for this video!

  24. Fantastic, you really should be creating course work.

  25. Which trading tool/platform you are using in this video?

  26. Great video! Appreciate you taking the time to teach others how to make more profitable trades.
    Thank you

  27. Can this be used with binance or the indicators work on specific exchange? Thanks so. Much!

  28. i didn't find this indicator in http://www.vip.bitcoin.co.id any suggestions?

  29. Thanks for introducing this to me, it would be awesome if it came with sound alerts for when the buy and sell signals appear so we don't need to watch it all the time. Cheers mate 👍

  30. Oguti Gabriel Odoi

    great stuff
    guys an opportunity to grab $500 for the first 1000 people who sign up on this new crypto currency trading platform if interested u can try it out upcoin.com/?ID=cb6bb8d7

  31. Do some live video with this indicators!

  32. Thank you!

  33. This just worked on 4 hour ETH / USD CHART. I entered a trade at 1039 and it's up to nearly 1070 already.. GREAT INDICATOR. thanks, i'm a subscriber now too

  34. Thank you, how could I add alert to script ??

  35. In the properties of the indicator you increased order size to 100% of equity and initial capital is already 100000 no account for commission and no account for slippage no way the backtest result is going to be realistic or maybe I'm missing something

  36. Hello! First of all, thank you for the spectacularly explanatory video. Second, I would like to know which of all the "Sentiment" indicators in trading view is the one you're using. Perhaps it's one of the paid ones, I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

  37. Mark Sky the Off-Grid RV Guy

    Awesome stuff

  38. Hi I'm a newbie to the crypto world so hope this is not too stupid a query, I have been studying the pivot reversal strategy and I'm confused on many occasions that ive looked at the pivot strategy would cause a lot of losses and now and again a good profit am I doing something wrong my settings are the same as you've showed in the video?

  39. Thanks I'll give that a go

  40. Thank you for sharing

  41. Can i use this scalping strategy for trading alt coins?

  42. Where on earth does this sentiment indicator exist? Trading-view does not have it. Only one that gives an error code. Help!

  43. thank you sir Drinks on ME!!!

  44. how do you view the longs and shorts line

  45. I notice that the PR Strategy gives one 3987.85% alone. Multiplying this by four is, of course, a significant achievement. However, I also notice that when I try the PR strategy on BTCUSD, it wins handily. If I try it on MSFT, APPL and SPY, it doesn't. I am wondering if 1) this just works better on BTC and cryptocurrencies, 2) if there is a glitch in the backtester at TradingView, or 3) needed data is lacking for other symbols. Have you used this system profitably in practice?

  46. Hi, very nice and clear vid, what are the settings you used for the indicators?

  47. Hi my friend, agaian, amazing viceo. Would you say that this would also work on the Forex market, or better said using a broker like JAFX? I tested it for 3 days on demo and seems to be working fine. But I would like your opinion.

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