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Nov 30 ETH ETHEREUM Next Target 1 $620, Possible Target 2 $765

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Please all the time bear in mind we business the use of likelihood and no longer all trades are winners. We organize our chance with forestall losses and take a look at to win over the years. Those that do not perceive this, and be expecting best to having profitable trades, will all the time lose cash over the years.

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The final function is to assist the crypto neighborhood as a result of I believe there is a loss of those form of movies. I need to percentage the whole thing I have discovered as a result of wisdom is best energy if handed on. These are instructional movies meant to show how one can suppose via thought-out explanation.


I am not a monetary adviser, nor am I providing you with any tips about when to shop for, promote, and so forth. I am merely declaring my reviews and what I in my view search for. Those that practice my trades blindly and do not perceive chance control, will all the time lose over the years. I organize chance another way. Not all trades are winners. We organize our chance with forestall losses and win over the years. Even if we have now entered at a equivalent worth, I will be able to micro organize my chance, via losing, including, decreasing, and so forth, however the ones calls are not made. Therefore in spite of getting into close to the similar worth, I would possibly pop out neatly forward whilst you would possibly take a loss, although we go out on the identical worth when the marketplace is going towards my name. Remember, I all the time benefit OVER TIME, and am no longer all in favour of profitable each and every unmarried business. As lengthy as we win greater than we lose over the years. I need to be very transparent so you already know the results will all the time be other although we take the similar business. I MANAGE RISK and notice this sport as a likelihood. Therefore, be forewarned.

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  1. It's beautiful!!

  2. Thank you again.

  3. Stop apologizing. we need you, you don't need us really.

  4. By when are these predictions?

  5. I thought i was weird, til you came along. I absolutely love the "personality".
    refreshing to see asian eccentrics 🙂

  6. 95k loss??? whatttt how do you afford that?? =(((

  7. Good to see you back on form buddy. who else has been having issues with exchanges over the last few days of madness GDAX and Kraken both had connection issues.

  8. Question: If the high of 518 is a result of the extended 5th wave from the previous cycle, can we count that as wave 1 of this cycle?

  9. great work
    you have my attention, i respect this type of training 🙂

  10. Zouhair Ouriaghli

    Thanks Philakone!!

  11. You're on a pretty good run there buddy, great job.

  12. This is the first time I ever watched a technical analysis and all I can think about is the Cosmos episode on false pattern recognition in humans. It looks like you put the dots in random places, you ignore highs and lows just to make it fit?

  13. luna's piggy bank should be entirely comprised of dogecoin

  14. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. So appreciated.

  15. My favorite crypto channel by far!!!!

  16. Hey I was wondering if there is any value to do an analysis on BTC. If we can predict when BTC is due for a correction, we'd be indirectly predict the movements of the rest of the Altcoins.

  17. Great video and thanks for convincing me to go back into ETH earlier this month. How much influence does Bitcoin have on your wave analysis prediction? For example, could a Bitcoin correction break down ETH's projection? Also, how much of modern TA is just understanding how bots buy and sell cryptocurrency? Isn't much of trading fib levels and wave analysis based on knowing when bots are buying/selling?

  18. Arcade Collectors Europe

    I would say that did'nt work….did it?

  19. So you say 1000 by summer?

  20. He fud seller haha

  21. The best ! You teach very clear .. it’s always great to watch you!👍🏻

  22. Thanks a million, my son is 17 and is looking forward to attending college next year,,,, this is my ticket to make sure is tuition is paid, you are amazing thank you for teaching me how to fish!

  23. is this days/weeks/months? thanks for the analysis btw

  24. Your videos are amazing. So informative man. I can't thank you enough. I feel like this is the type of information people pay for. Maybe look into the Pareto Network. New crypto for crypto analysts. It's like Steemit but strictly crypto analytics. You post valuable info like this to the network as a contributor & you earn revenue based on the general users giving you positive feedback. It drops on Jan 15th. Anyway, keep it up my friend & thanks again

  25. Right now ether ks 430, are we still on the second wave down… About to start the third way up?

  26. PHIL—-I hope you are recovering from your losses last week. Thinking of you and sending good energy your way. Take care of yourself……We will be here when you join us again. Missing you though.

  27. ETH 620 | 638 today on GDAX. You are a beast!

  28. you sir deserve a trophy! eth just hit ur target.

  29. So who's having a blast with Ethereum? Sir Fibonucci has done it again. GDAX hits $620+

  30. Great calls on these targets! Still targeting $1,200 next?

  31. yo Phil, we miss you. im glad you got away but hit up the world sometime if the internet hasnt pissed you off and all.. your work is amazing.

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