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Market Miner Trading Bot – Make $300/hr or is it a Scam?

We had a request to do a overview of Market Miner and lots of requests for evaluations of Trading Bots so right here is our fair impartial overview of the Market Miner tool and what it has to provide.

CryptoJason has been selling this tool and claiming to make $300/hr, we dig deep and notice if this is true.

Please remark with ideas for long run movies, we’re doing our absolute best to take all of your ideas into consideration. Thanks for gazing and subscribing!

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  1. Turn $300 into $150K Hashflare Bitcoin Cloud Mining? Honest review: https://youtu.be/QM7hfgU66x4

  2. This is a scam just like Bitreserve was, both so called UK based companies that promised great returns for your money… Bitreserve.io took the money and ran.

  3. SCAAAAAAAAAM Great video yet again this site has the markings of another similar scam of a London based cloud mining company called bit reserve Ltd who were in business for just six weeks approx …. Then shut down abruptly . They shut down on the 24 / 1 / 2018…… I am going to report this lot to the police which may help some people to get their money back from bit reserve it's basically the same style of site…… Interesting about the bonus money they supposedly give you its the same terms when you get a free bet at bookmakers . Regards pete leaton .

  4. Scam

  5. When will ppl learn… Scam scam scam. All have been proved themselves to be scams with a zero success rate in sites like this keep away

  6. They're basically using the same structure as a traditional slots/arcade gambling site, offering you a hefty bonus on a deposit but locking in the original funds and bonus and requiring a 40x WAGER… and generally most slots claim a 90% rtp (return to player) which seems identical to the returns claimed on reddit… weird.

  7. Please do a review on LIFE token. It's currently only 20 sats and they just hired the director of marketing for Microsoft @lifelabshq

  8. Great vids and channel ✌️🌞

  9. Has anyone looked into USITech?

  10. I find it amazing how often I hear people talking about trading bots in serious fashion. It could be that i am to skeptical (open to be persuaded otherwise) but the idea of a trading bot available for the average trader makes me laugh. In general, the crypto market is ruled by news. No technical analysis can predict any kind of movement. There are a few things that make people lose money. Number one must be GREED and another I would say is being LAZY. These scammers know how to abuse this. Seriously, the crypto market is no different than the Forex market in many ways. Guru's that have no clue but sell courses. Trading bots that only seem to work in certain conditions. If you watch this guy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMWxtmTQVuuSQ_fD-QvcaYA/featured you will notice a typical phenomena. I have nothing against him, let me state that outright. But he has been in Crypto currencies for a very short time. The first weeks of making vids, he hadn't made any trades, nor did he have tokens or coins. He never made a secret of this fact. Still, people flocked to his channel for advice. this tells you something about the mindset of these people. They are looking for someone to lead, and sounding confident seems to be the most important thing to win anybody over these days. Someone who has taken this to a different level is the guy that runs coinmarketnews. He was absolute clueless a few weeks ago. But made a crazy amount of money in the first two weeks of January. People were just trowing it at him for looking at a coin. If you find this kind of thing interesting (like I do) i recommend you watch a few of his videos from that time. Also watch his hashflare videos. In the second video you can see how much he actually made in a few days because of referrals. It's a simple deduction you can make yourself. Sorry for this long piece of text guys 🙂 Great vid Bitraged.

  11. Great info, my man! Great channel, period! What’s your take on a recent ICO, Storiqa (STQ)? Seems pretty legit but wanted to find out what Bitraged thinks about it. Cheers!

  12. The efficiency is better after 3 weeks? The whole point of an algorithm is that its deterministic. The behavior is the same every time. Learning apps like neural nets are NOT ALGORITHMS (theyre heuristic) and even if they are using a machine learning solution theres no reason it should stop learning at 3 weeks.

  13. I cant believe you just called bitfinex a "legitimate exchange." You might want to look into Tether.

  14. Checkout space mining. paying 10% daily 🙂

  15. Thanks for very fast reply. Keep exposing this scammers.

  16. India

  17. If it looks fishy…. It’s probably a scam.

  18. No such thing as get rich quick…. unless it’s a scheme to steal your money.

  19. Tether is also a scam. Create over 2.3 billions coins in just 1.5 years. Tether is a ticking time bomb and BITFINEX is an accomplice. They continued to ignore the subpoena…. it won’t be long until it ends abruptly like bitconnect…. be warned.

  20. Great video as always!

  21. Please do Firstcoin (FRST) 😉

  22. RIP crypto 🙁

  23. Sounds like they're using the same wording as the scammy forex 'brokers'. Gotta trade 40-60X your investment before you can make a withdrawal. Same end result….they get your money, you get nothing.

  24. Please review Cloudminer.biz as well!

  25. Sounds like Hexabot reborn… I lost $325 US when it crashed the second week I was in it. I wouldn't put a dime into this. Looks and sounds like the same guys are behind it.

  26. In some countries its periods in others its commas btw.

  27. I signed up to see what the trading calls were (this was around 8pm GMT on 1st Feb 2018 when BTC was continuing to dump). There were complete nonsense!

    Got the call and told said woman that they should be ashamed of themselves for running such a scam. Instead of trying to explain she got really annoyed and then eventually hung up on me.

    If this was legit she would have taken the time to explain what was going on but she couldn't. They just want your money – hence the immediate sales call.

    STAY AWAY!!!!

  28. The Tech Info Guru

    there no trading going on behind the screens..they r running a large scale Ponzi Scams…people interested in getting scammed ,can join this bs Ponzi…

  29. Biraged thank you so much for your review, once again you showed your quality, you are my number 1 crypto youtube channel! Thank you for your time 🙂

  30. thanks

  31. Glad you didn’t put any significant money into this Ponzi scheme. Website and brand is fantastic but the crypto world is filled with so many scams like this.

  32. market miner is an obvious scam

  33. Can you please review a genuine zTrading Not that is not a Scam.

  34. nice and thanks for doing some research for us newcomers to this area


    Here's what happened. I deposited 0.8 BTC, ran the bot overnight and I lost 0.3 BTC.
    When I tried to withdraw the rest of 0.5 BTC, IT DIDN'T WORK!! You MUST call tradecoins company and ASK them to process the withdraw. When I called, they talked to me in such friendly and professional manner that I decided to trust the program again.

    He (from tradecoins) told me that I need to deposit OVER 1 BTC for the bot to be profitable.
    Here's the really really weird part. He said he was going to give me 0.275 BTC for FREE?? I asked why and he said because I'm a vip if I deposit over 1 BTC and it's a gift from the company. DON'T ACCEPT THE BONUS!!! Here's why..
    The moment you accept bonus, they LOCK YOUR ACCOUNT FROM WITHDRAW!!! I can't make any withdraw UNTIL THE BOT HAD COMPLETELY TRADED OVER 11 BTC worth of TRANSACTIONS!! Impossible at this rate where they lose more than 50% of the bets. This is worse than CASINO. I can provide screen shots and email conversation going back and forth between me and tradecoins (tradecoins is a company that uses market miner robot)
    I emailed them and they have no interest in explaining why they weren't honest with LOCKING MY BTC and have NO INTENTION of returning your BTC!!.
    In overall I lost about 0.8 BTC (when BTC was over $11,000) and I still have 0.5 BTC SITTING IN THE ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY WON'T LET ME WITHDRAW!!! They will only tell you to trade more so you can lose your money and they will take it all 🙂

  36. There is a way faster method to prove that's a scam, just check the WHOIS of the domain name. If some WHOIS informations are hidden by something like WhoisGuard, then the company isn't legit for sure.

  37. Looks like a rebranded bitconnect style scam.

  38. Yep. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS! (unfortunately speaking from experience… Don't let curiosity get the better of you!)


  40. You sir are a fucking detective. I’m learning a ton from your videos. Keep it up!

  41. Its a binary option bot – basically it gambles your money and bets if the price goes up or goes down within a specified time. You can do this manually on other platforms but its gambling.

  42. SCAM, They also own TradeCoins, which is the "exchange"/platform these "trades" are made on. Also, the trades are binary…meaning that you're pretty much betting an over-under on what each currency will do over the next hour…will it go up or will it go down? These are not real crypto trades. Since they own the platform they screw you both ways because you really aren't betting against anyone when you make these binary bets. They win when you lose and they take 20% when you win so the bot really has to win something like 60% of the time for you to actually turn a profit….Which it does not win 60%. Once again, since they own the platform they can manipulate it to make it appear like you are winning when running the demo…That lures you in and then they screw you. If you deposit enough, they will give you a "bonus" whether you want it or not and once you receive the "bonus" you have to trade 40 times the amount of the bonus before let you make a withdrawal which is alomost impossible because they will drain your account before you reach 40x….Also, they will not remove your bonus whether you asked for it or not. Lastly, the agents that call you on the phone will tell you anything to get you to deposit more. They will tell you that you can withdraw anytime that you want but anything that they tell you are lies. Once you want to withdraw you won't be able to get them to respond to an email or get them on the phone. They also will not give you a phone number for the finance department…They say that they don't even have a phone number for the finance department….Come on!!!! All of their names (everyone's name starts with an A) and locations are fake as well. They are not real offices…they are virtual offices like Regus offices.

  43. Here is the information that I have been able to gather about these scammers. They are the exact same company as these other verified scam sites like TradeCoins, MarketMiner, OlimpFinance, CryptoRobo and CryptoSoft….and I’m sure that there are many more.

    -The company is also known as CASSIUS SERVICES LTD. and has been called NORTHWESTERN MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED

    Here are the key names that I have found that seem to be behind these scams.

    -Bartosz Maciej Buczynski
    Director • Polish • Poland • Born in Jul 1990

    -Piotr Jozef Szul
    Director • Polish • Cyprus • Born in Nov 1987

    -Jean-Christophe Amarc Payet
    Director • Citizen Of Seychelles • Seychelles • Born in Aug 1994

    -Vanessa Marie-Antoine Boulle / Vanessa Marie-Antoine Payet (I assume that Venessa and Jean-Christophe got married at some point when they weren’t busy stealing money)
    Director • Citizen Of Seychelles • Seychelles • Born in May 1981

    Key Address:

    Nationality: POLAND
    Country: POLAND
    Post town: KATOWICE
    Postcode: 40-014

    ***All the other addresses like their London and Miami addresses just seem to be just fronts/ “virtual offices” like Regus Offices

    I seem to think that these guys are really in the Poland address above but another guy I have spoken to believes that they may really be in Israel.

  44. they don't fucking allow you to withdraw, don't listen to this asshole and deposit your bitcoin, they stole my .45 BTC, I won 1.42005702 BTC, all I asked for my 0.45 btc, and they never respond.!!!! STAY AWAY THIS SCAM SITE AND MARKETMINER

  45. Are there any programmable bot platforms where I can program the algorithm? Most of the trades I want to do need some basic logic I can't do with conventional limit and stop limits. Basically I want to be able to buy on a low, and program a sell if it breaks support and rises above or close to the buy point again while continuing a down trend. I don't have the time to do this manually all the time.

  46. Scam like hexabot, laser online, chaingroup etc… be careful guys. If it looks too good to be true than it probably is.

  47. bitconnect took your bitcoin and gave you a bitconnect coin which was worth less and paid you your interest in fiat. Was going great when Bitcoin was bullish and was growing faster in price than their own coin. YOu could of made more money holding Bitcoin than investing in their platform lol, But yeah they were paying people with other peoples money , no trading being done, Ponzi scheme all the way. People wake up and do your research! 🙂 I'm glad these scams are getting exposed especially the bigger ones like Bitconnect so hopefully people won't get scammed as much. Also people made the most money promoting the website and getting referral money from every deposit made by their downline. Thanks for taking the time to make this Vid dude. cheers

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