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Jordan Belfort OBLITERATES Bitcoin (Hilarious)

Feb 6, 2018 The Wolf of Wall Street takes on bitcoin. The ultimate time Jordan Belfort did this, bitcoin just about collapsed!

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  1. Bitcoin is vaccinated against FUD like this

  2. We also know he's a liar, a cheat, and a drug addict… forgive me if I don't take your advice!

  3. In essence he’s saying… Iam smart, you all are dumb.
    Who speaks to people like that and expects to be taken seriously.
    “I knew about this shit long before you all even heard of it.”
    Really, you know when I heard about BTC?

  4. When people say they understand everything about it they usually don't what he says doesn't make sense. Blockchain is awesome but bitcoin and crypto is a scam? Really! They are one and cant but serated like that but USD and stocks, banking government systems etc are the biggest scams of all. When 2008 crash happen what do you call that banks lend money's that doesn't exist and government take our tax money's and bail them out makes no sense.

  5. I was gonna mine it is totally different to actually mining it…dumb comment … like saying I was going to ride that super bike and know everything about it but I never did but i know how it works and everything.

  6. I'm going to add one thing here, if Jordan really had your best interests in mind, which as a con man he really doesn't….. but if he did, he would be telling you to take profit and keep a small holding of btc just in case he's wrong. Because lets face, no one knows whats going to happen in the future…. He claims too, but he's no clairvoyant.

    And i would like to add, if you are trading bitcoin and alts… do remember to take profit along the way. At least get your original investment out so then you really have nothing to loose.

  7. The things people will say when their source of income is under threat, this is hilarious!

  8. He’s very stupid. ALL markets are a bubble. ALL markets go up and down. USA government said they don’t want to do anything to stop the growth of Cryptocurrency’s. Japan has accepted bitcoin as currency. Everything China bans goes to the moon. China banned Google and Facebook 🤔. The SEC NEVER said they wanted to regulate bitcoin. They mentioned ICOs which is a good thing. It will legitimatize the company.

  9. These are some wild accusations without any substance. This man doesn't get it. You cannot stop decentralized technology that has no legal entity.
    He is also absolutely clueless of the intellectual capital pouring into this space. Didn't he get the memo?

    Another one for the bitcoin obituary @ https://99bitcoins.com/bitcoinobituaries/page/1/

  10. Who wants to trust to a criminal?

  11. lmao you are a great dude but you dont know shit

  12. youre great salesman but an oldman

  13. Stick to selling man..

  14. I love It! JB deserves to be a nocoiner

  15. Well you clearly are stupid, because if you understood it you would have purchased a shit load back "before anyone heard of it" and sold today making you billions you prat!!!! Hahaha. You know Jack shit about it.

  16. By the way, you can't use a credit card for gambling. Doesn't stop people pumping and pimping their money in, you just use your Debit card instead.

  17. The only utility in cryptocurrencies is to sell fentanyl and child porn

  18. Did this guy really just say "If you want to make money in blockchain. Start thinking away from cryptocurrency." I can't even laugh at this guy anymore. Hes already been banned by the financial community now he's just begging to be famous. Not one fact. Not one platform, just 15 minutes of don't buy it. Fuck this idiot

  19. Why did japan and russia legalize it

  20. The government s are not gonna ban something they created its all about conditioning the people to accept a cashless society

  21. Allison, care to explain why mr. Belfort, who scammed so many people by selling them "shitty stocks" is so concerned about crypto owners and traders? Why this unexpected love and care?

  22. He missed the boat big time! Now he is a crying baby.

  23. We are going to freeze the blockchain 🤪

  24. What he fails to understand, is that some governments WILL EVENTUALLY ALLOW IT!!

  25. In fairness to him, I've thought the SAME THING! Governments will regulate these and, it does scare me, because I TRULY believe that many will go to zero. HOWEVER, I think that a few will survive, and will be able to skyrocket!! I just wish I knew which ones.

  26. So all those Bitcoins that America Owns, so you're saying they're not waiting for the right opportunity to cash in, and the US dollar ain't nothing either what's it backed by, and not all cryptos are just for trading, and how do you explain people making money, how did I make money, this is the new currency it can never be shut down unless they shut down the internet, and the SEC just had a hearing discussing the ins and outs of Cryptos, all they are worried about is fraud, and by the way Bitcoin is going back up in value, seeing $10,000 by the end of this month, this is the same shit that the news media has been saying since the first major dip, yet since then it broke $20,000.00, I see Bitcoin hitting $1.2 million by 2019, they are not securities or stocks, if so the the Government would have put a stop to it a long time ago, IT CAN"T BE STOPPED, you know what, you scammed people out of their money why should I believe you, you're making a video putting people down, which I don't give a Fuck it's still early, if you don't want to get in that's on you still seeing companies putting Billions of dollars into this if it's over then why are they still investing Billions of dollars why is the marketcap continue to grow, you're right about scammers and illegal black markets, China is a Communist country they're not the US. whether or not if it's bad news or good news, news is news and cryptos are growing, I'm seeing things differently and I've been watching Bitcoin since it's concept when it was worthless, so if you did your job right when you made all that money, maybe people will believe in you, you broke the law you scammed people, oh by the way, I only have a very small investment in and what I have now is unheard of when I first started, I have a plan and that plan is not illegal, I will make money no matter what the market is doing, when it goes up the more money I make,oh don't worry, there's no trading back and forth this is for long term investing anyways, and the new tax plan that just came out FUD hit everybody but the market is back I just checked it's almost $9,000.00 that's more than what you said it was going down to, the down part if you really did your research, the market every year at the same time of the year does pretty much the same, New year big dip, then sideways, till August it begins to get Bullish and right around Christmas time record breaking price, except for 2015, must of been some newbies, It's a pattern, I've got my plan, the only way I'm losing is the small investment, which I can afford to lose, but it got me started and it's growing everyday, what I think is you can't do anymore investments of any kind since you broke the law, and if this all goes to zero I'll still have value, maybe you should really really do your homework, before spreading FUD, till then buy the dip even if it's my own blood in the streets, sell on the rise, you know green means go

  27. Good thing only 2k people have seen this… total muppetry

  28. Poor guy must have been dropped as a child

  29. He called it months ago.

  30. lmao!! "Bitcoin nearly collapsed" at the whim of known fraudster and drug addict, Jordan Belfort??? Did you happen to notice that bitcoin is up over 800% since last year, or did that escape you?? I guess all that time in prison was spent studying blockchain. But he was played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie so that makes him cool. Forget about all the money he stole from hard working people and the lives he ruined. Yup, he seems legit to me!

  31. Then why does the IRS consider crypto as property and impose taxation? If they tax it, then it has to be considered something of value. Still trying to understand your "FUD." Lol. I'm only fuckin' with you, but seriously.

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