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Ivan on Tech debates Richard Heart – Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Tether, Satoshi

Speaking with Richard Heart and speaking about Bitcoin Maximalism, Ethereu, IOTA, Crypto Bubble, Bitfinex & Tether, Satoshi Nakomoto

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Ivan on Tech by means of Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. Thank you for watching guys! THE INTERVIEW WAS COMPLETELY CRAZY! Amazing speaking to Richard, very thankful for his time and participation. Feel free to leave the TIME STAMPS under this video! 😍

  2. Richard is right, but a bit early for 3 months.

  3. Ivan, you are beast! Great information and view!

  4. Cool. I like the way Richard way described thing, especially IOTA.

  5. The Singing Pictures

    dont get salty about ya 65% drop lol Atomic Swaps, Lightning network.. bILLIONS OF TRANSACTIONS PER SEC!!

  6. Damn, I like this guy, but man did his message go full on negative. Cmon Richard you can do it.

  7. Not sure he is honest or not, but his advice to keep buying near 20k was so obviously stupid, it doesnt even matter what he says now.

  8. It is completely amazing how Richard Heart is pointing out to stuff that most people involved in crypto cannot simply see because of their "pink glasses". As long as he speaks the majority of the time with half-truths, a lot of his f* talking is completely legit. And actually, we all should re-think our own thoughts and whether they were not influenced by the bull market. I disagree with a lot of stuff…maybe more than 80%, but the interesting thing is that the part I do agree with him is really strong…it really makes an impression. It makes an impact when you see the tech guy interview Dan Larimer and right afterwards the interview with Richard….completely different and interesting.

  9. I like his honest, candid, strong opinions.
    Straighten the fcking candles.

  10. Your chat needs moderators my friend, it is plagued by scammers, trolls, fanboys, allcaps, it is also distracting and not interresting .

  11. Genius in his own way

  12. My god…where to start…#1 markets run on emotions, for someone so informed on how to take advantage of the market timing, he is himself an emotional wreck. #2. Whales take full advantage of the market emotions….does anyone really believe that they are done with this new emerging market?….LMAO…..#3. Most important FACT…..failing to recognize the fundamental core reason behind the creation of cryptos is amazing….FIAT Currencies around the world are collapsing…ALL other assets are in major bubbles……Are Cryptos?…really?….#4. the obvious is simple…he just wants to be a whale himself….what do whales do?…use FUD…..Guarantee you…Richard is buying up BTC and other "Shit" coins like crazy right now…….save the fake tears dude.

  13. Subbed and liked, this is a very honest interview and well guided by Ivan

  14. So basically the world is retarted and we have no hope of ever learning anything because we're brain dead…lol dude…stop..sit down, again, sip some tea, and ride the wave. Totally freaking out for nothing

  15. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to Richard Heart

  16. this is the greatest crypto rant of all time

  17. He lost passions, Hold… keep Hodling…

  18. I’m impressed with your composure Ivan. He’s a lot to deal with. Good job.

  19. Richard must have made some big bets and lost alot of money. Lashing out big time.

  20. Richart is very interesting .love that guy! Funny as hell too😂

  21. Got in bitcoin, overheld, didn’t make money on it cus he’s emotional, still holding it but talking shit and yet he’s giving Trading advice. Talks a lot but doesn’t walk a lot. Go be a politician bro. You’ll fit right in. If you’re so good at trading it and being able to distinguish bubbles maybe you’d have made money but you didn’t….. oops. 🤔😂

  22. I don't care how smart you are if he can't communicate without all the cursing he's an idiot and I wouldn't trust him with my money

  23. Great interview, I agree with a lot of it, except technical analysis, dude doesnt know the basics like 200 SMA

  24. After listening more i gotta say that somebody is jaded af and has a shitty viorldview and superiority complex that blinds him to reality. I wouldnt take anything he says too seriously. My 2 cents..

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