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Interviews John Mcafee (Jan 08, 2018) | What’s Next For Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum In 2018?

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  1. Oh my god is he a mess nowadays

  2. what happen to litecoin

  3. Your video sucks

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  5. Shittiest audio ever, not worth to watch. He's nothing but an old drunk and a junkie, anyways

  6. brilliant!

  7. Great interview and very useful concepts to understand

  8. This was recorded on the 5th of Jan, why you lying?

  9. I have 12 hours to waste.
    Lets do this!

  10. old video

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  13. He's smarter that 99.99% of you muthafuckaz so shh ..

  14. Is this video really 12 hours

  15. The 12 hour sales pitch since he doesn't want to eat his own dick by the end of 2022 and why his jumper so dirty?

  16. Why can you see the interviewer's breath?  Is it really cold in this room?  Was that a Mcafee requirement? Strange but brilliant dude!  Blockchain/Hashgraph/DAG will eliminate the Parasites (Bankers, Politicians, G'ments)!

  17. He is High AF!!

  18. We don't even know what the truth is right now 🙁 – too many alternative facts, fake news, etc. Who decides what history will be? I like the idea and the discussion though.

    If John thinks it's all business, he's missing a point. Sure, miners are in it for the money, but without users looking for censorship resistance and maximum decentralization, crypto is nothing.

    Oh, not every fantastic application needs its own coin.

    Finally, if I watched this whole video, I'd be history… Still giving it a like though.

  19. Why have you looped it?

  20. Is this the longest Youtube video of all time? Did they really sit there for 12 hours, talking?

  21. What an absolute idiot. What does he know about anything, absolutely nothing.

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  23. Who is here from the year, 2026 and watching this?

  24. Guess he learned about DOGE after this vid lol

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  26. Crypto Conversations

    Love it…

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  28. A 72 year old man who smokes doesn't have to worry about eating his dick on tv on December 2020, just saying.

  29. Six graphics cards? A personal computer will only hold two or three that I'm aware of. I need to know more.

  30. This nigga partied harder than me i bet

  31. Great information .. thanks for posting this video. Long live the Blockchain.

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