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ICO Scams 2018 – Programmer explains

Today we are going to speak about how you’ll be able to display ICOs and come to a decision wether they’re possible scams or now not. I need to percentage some metrics I in most cases use myself and issues that flip me off in ICOs. ICO scams are quite common and can most effective transform extra not unusual because the crypto business grows. I am hoping this video will lend a hand and enlighten other folks – percentage it together with your family and friends who’re new to crypto however are keen to be informed. Enjoy guys!

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  1. Is INT a scam?

  2. Very useful advice, Thanks Ivan.!!

  3. sheep…..

  4. Thanks You Ivan. I have learned all of these key measures by following you over last 7 months.

  5. Tell us what ICO you like Ivan!

  6. hassane iherkouchne

    I hate that guy in the add , so annoying and looks like a scammer too lol

  7. what you think about PAGARX ???

  8. 100% Awesome informational vid!!

  9. Programmer explain !!!!! Plzzzz

  10. i love how germans and swedes spell the work – "vork" and vague – "wague"

  11. M Daniel Rodríguez

    I've discovered this viking man channel just a few minutes ago and I am really happy. Because he says pretty intelligent, interesting things IMHO and specially because I am able to understand almost 100% what he says, which is not as usual as it shout or at least, as I'd like in the whole youtube. It sounds laud and clear. I suppose this is because his mother tongue is not English either, :-))

  12. Ivan is it possible to burn tokens without correcting files on github ?

  13. cryptoworldnews247 2018

    i was told by a mate EBTC was decent any reviews?

  14. Please, do an analisys about Crypterium!
    Who agrees likes and comments to increase the chances of this being done.

  15. Hi there, I'm thinking of buying some Hcash on an exchange platform, but I'm not good at reading codes and I have no idea how they will implement their idea,, could you do some research to hcash and share it in your video? Thx

  16. TRON!???

  17. thank you!

  18. Hello Ivan, your information is very useful, i stay in Nigeria, & want to buy your course, it is not allowing me. pls help

  19. Totally disagree with the Github activity. Many projects are just impossible to drop to the github and make publicly available. Try not to be peremptory

  20. Hi Ivan, great video, love your updates. Can you please review the lend connect token, its a lending platform, and also the bitcoin growth bot called Nucleus (NCL) whose Ceo is Jordan Lindsey. Would really appreciate that.

  21. didn't see payment with crypto currency on your Blockchain course payment and that is a challenge.

  22. Илья Миронов

    I found the interesting project under the name TokenGo. Here developers support the most relevant and daring ideas on advance of business on a blockchain. The platform is interesting to investors from a point of sight of purchase of tokens on an outgrowth, they think will give many X)

  23. Where do you find the time for software development and doing all these interviews/research?

  24. IzakMelissa Niemann

    Great video – thanks. What's happening with ICO's – I see from now on only private investors can buy them? Is that true?

  25. bitcoin it self is scam

  26. I saw many ICO which were closed. Really interesting there were units. I want to tell just about such ICO. TokenGo is a project which causes great trust. The excellent website, the clear road map, whitepaper also of course a design team which embodies the most daring and steep ideas in reality! It is visible how full-time laborious employment is carried, the website is filled with a new functionality, new interesting jobs for bountist's are entered. I think at the platform every chance of success!

  27. Isn't bitcoin anonymous??

  28. These are all generic explanations. You didnt realy explain stuff from a programmer's perspective.

  29. чувак, теперь то же самое только по русски

  30. Great tips. Thanks.

  31. i want to know why this video is the first suggestion when i research friendz ico?

  32. Is CoinSpark a scam?

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