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Fastest Growing Coins – Which Altcoins Should You Invest In? – Best CryptoCurrency – Altcoin News

Let’s pass over the quickest rising altcoins available in the market. Which will have to you put money into. CryptoForeign money News!
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  3. What do you think about ECA and COLX coins?

  4. I’m pretty deep in RDD Reddcoin very good coin and utility for social media and P2P utility

  5. I’m looking for a coin that dumps Pepsi

  6. do one on benjirolls

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  8. In a sea of red MOIN is standing out. It’s a privacy coin with a 9 million marketcap, with low circulating supply, proof of staking 3.0, and a private chat feature.

  9. TNB app beta launch today! just sayin.

  10. Man, fuck your ripple! STOP MISSLEADING PEOPLE ABOUT RIPPLE!!!

  11. Āris Grigalāvičus

    i just buy Coupecoin (COUPE) for 20' 000 $ its todays all in coin!
    It will go all the way up,so buy it!!!

  12. "I sold my position on Ripple to go all in on Nebulow, Neb-lie-O" Neb-uhh uhhh I really believe in it!

  13. What are your thoughts on DogDookieCOINZ? They seem to be rising by the hour, I got in for sub $1.00

  14. Tron has been accused of plagiarism. Watch this space.

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  16. Trevor Ian Donald Jackson

    2x fast. Lets go

  17. can you please dig deeper into linda? its bursting , whitepaper gonne be announced today this is the new verge!

  18. Mathias gammelgaard

    Buy htmlcoin thank me later

  19. Giverney Productions

    Great Video, but can you do the crypto?

  20. Shield (XSH)


  21. Etherium! will be the new bitcoin!

  22. Cindicator 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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  25. Aditya Vikram Bhuwania

    Great video. How do I pay/donate you?

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  27. large group of people doing pump and dumps https://discord.gg/kuXGHY

  28. ECASH mooning

  29. PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!
    PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!
    PLEASE make a video on DOT COIN!!!!

    Cryptopias own coin!!! It's only 70 cents

    Binacne coin is at $17!!!

    Low market cap! Only 70 cents!!! A lot of growth potential!!!! Please make a video about Dot coin!!!

  30. After dump there will be a rise again, do not worry and HODL!

    how does binance work how can i register:
    https://www.binance.com/?ref=11375272 < register On binance
    Binance registrations Open again BE FAST
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  31. I'm saying Ripple (XRP) and Verge (XVG) !! Verge isn't even $1 yet
    And ofc BTC and ETH
    2018 is going to be crazy

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  33. Annnd NEBLIO is $30

  34. John Mcafee is the advisor for HKN , HACKEN COIN . Check it out !!! Just released on most exchanges 1 day ago. https://hacken.io/

  35. Davorcoin better than bitconnect

  36. For someone who doesn't have allot of money to invest what do you think the best coins would be? I currently have $200 and have some xrp, cardamom, ast, poe, fun, and mana, i will have another $1000 to invest soon

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  38. nice info thanks

  39. what do you guys think about vezt (vzt)

  40. BROTHER is gaining massive traction in Russia. I would have a serious look into this one before it hits the ground running!

  41. Crypto Conversations

    Nice video

  42. When BTC goes Lightning this year, meny alts will be obselete. ETH will grow with more dapps and more investors in the platform. NEO is playing catchup fast. Look at its price. It will moon when China reopens blockchain and ICO markets this year. Monero still to be king in privacy niche. My guess is you can't go wrong with these. I think lots of coins will die out un q3 and q4 as more "investors" will be moving their funds to platforms with highest chances of survival.

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