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Ethereum Flippening 2018: My Action Plan

With the new flooring that Ethereum has made at the BTC ratio, persons are as soon as once more discussing the opportunity of a ‘flippening’ going on in 2018.

In the development of that going on, I sought after to make a video sharing what my motion plan for that may be. Let me know what you assume!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT monetary recommendation. I’m simply providing my reviews. I’m really not liable for any funding selections that you select to make.


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  1. I don’t think there will be a flippening this year. Bitcoin will stay at the top for at least this year, possibly for another 3 years

  2. Is it not a risk to invest in bitcoin considering the tether controversy?

  3. I am going to come up with my own new word soon and apply it to a cryptocurrency coin or again. Will keep everyone posted. 🙂

  4. I would honestly like to see Ethereum take the #1 spot in marketcap. Since it's a platform with more potential use cases than BTC beyond a store of value, the utility of Eth would add more stability to the market if it were to be the market leader rather than just be a playground for whales like BTC is. I'm not big on any coin having more than 10% market share however since it's too destabilizing. It will also be nice when a lot of junk coins fade away and the money flows back into the most solid coins.

  5. What does flippening means? Explain please?

  6. Louis when is the MoneroV analysis video coming out?

  7. Once you flip to ETH continue to flip ETH for NEO and EOS

  8. Louis – you make great videos man, but looking at Peter Brandt's Tweet that you highlight, I'm pretty sure he was referring to a .29 ETHBTC ratio back around Feb 1-3rd while everything was tanking (and all the ratios can swing drastically since these coins are highly correlated).

    Whether that ratio swings again in a few months, who knows, but based on the general historical trends you highlighted, maybe it will. If an increase of favorable regulation is what fuels the next bull run, I feel like that's in favor of ETH rather than BTC. But nothing wrong with some diversification 🙂

  9. Disagree. Think ETH will beat BTC
    Long term.

  10. Neo is the biggest threat to Eth imo

  11. Who did he say he got this advice from in the beginning? Peter grand? I can’t find his Twitter

  12. I just found out about ethereum guys help me out if u want 0xc94B8739260dFfbfa44Ca13090cf3F1b1336802A

  13. Louis, any thoughts on Vanguard's Joe Davis blog on bitcoin, saying "I see a decent probability that its price goes to zero"? Here is the link: https://vanguardblog.com/2018/02/06/bitcoin-digital-gold-or-fools-gold/?cmpgn=Ext:SM:RIG:ISG:020718:XX:POST:XX:TW:INV:XX:XX:XX:sf181534297

  14. This is silly. If you are trying to make short term money do what this video says. If you want to be in the Super dominant coin, HODL Ethereum. It already processes more transactions than all the other coins combined.

  15. Have you heard of Peer Mountain? Impressive project and it has partnered up with a big German car manufacturer and a Swiss financial company. They're raising ETH to build and deploy Peer Mountain into the world’s blockchain application standard for trustworthy commerce in any legally regulated environment.

  16. How to Buy and Sell Cryptos

    You should not be advising people anymore. When Bitcoin was down you gave up quick. Telling people is over is very wrong when it wasn't many people ended up selling because of your stupidity. People should flip Bitcoin . Bitcoin is the one maintaining the whole cryptocurrency and everybody should invest in Bitcoin. Only bitcoin can save the cryptocurrency not any other coin

  17. All this talk about who's going to reign top market cap and not even a mention of dogecoin

  18. Have you heard about the 'Etherum code' people are using to make 10k a week? What do you make of it? You can see it here: http://www.getyourdeal.club/free/EtherumCode

  19. Very reasonable and well thought out. I hope you and we all make millions over the next year or two.

  20. flippening would prove how retarded this market is eventually resulting in a total crash. i will sell 80% of my positions when this happens.

  21. The Flippening is definitely a possibility. However I do not think that it will happen – at least not this year. It could. But I do not think that it will. If Bitcoin falls then I believe Ethereum will fall even faster, as it has done recently. That is what I expect. If Bitcoin is worth less then ethereum is logically worth even less. Having said this, an event that I do think that has a high probability of occurring in 2018 is instead "The Shittening". By this I mean that the shitcoins, of which there are roughly 1500, will transition to their intrinsic value of zero. So in summary, I think The Shittening is much more likely event in 2018 than The Flippening, but either event could occur this year. But who can really say what the future holds. I hope that this post helps the reasoned and rational debate here 🙂

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  23. The new trend is Blockchain games. Check out Crypto Celebrities; it's similar to Crypto Kitties but has a real world aspect to it. It uses an Ethereum Blockchain and celebs can even get their personal charitys involved. Check it out worth a peek. Crypto Celebrities.

  24. I'll put it in wanchain, Icon, AIon!

  25. Not happening. ETH has unlimited coins. It can never be a store of value and was never meant to be.

  26. Any idea where I can mine ETH in the cloud?

  27. Awesome and clearly explained! Keep up the great work.

  28. Why will the flippening be from Bitcoin to Ethereum and not more Bitcoin related coins such as Dash?

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