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ETHEREUM (ETH): Can Both ETH/USD & ETH/BTC be Bullish?

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  1. Anything on Ripple?

  2. togethertothebottom

    we are dead. lol

  3. Aleksandar Vojnovic

    You are watching BTC, are'nt you! Going down like crazy

  4. Paul Castellano

    LiteCoin 🤔

  5. Paul Castellano

    LiteCoin going to $60 or $600 my prediction.

  6. Thank you Haejin for your time and education.

  7. wow no idea

  8. Relaxation Media

    This is why you should not give advice ,,,you cannot predict crashes ,,,like we are in AGAIN ,,, u say this coin is going to explode,,,but NO ,,,

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  10. Алиса Прохорова

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  11. I think it's pretty safe to say that technical analysis does NOT work. You've been wrong almost 100% of the time since mid January. Not sure why you keep telling people it's bullish, when total market cap is decreasing.

  12. I am watching with 0.5 speed.

  13. Markus J. Arbab

    This is not a bull market right now haejin looking at 380 eth. And 3800 btc.

  14. i like how Haejin goes MIA after making a bad call.

  15. Ethereum was bullish in his last video! Hahaha now suddenly it's bearish

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