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Cryptocurrency Sea of Green – XRP, EOS, Ethereum, Bitcoin

For the primary time in every week we have now a sea of inexperienced. With that being stated, we’re nonetheless transferring sideways so even if we’re seeing inexperienced we aren’t out of the woods but.

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  1. Sonny Phengsomphone

    Jeff, I follow various Crypto channels and people, through various social media outlet. Your videos are the best out there, and I'm not the type that gets easily impressed. I have a 2 hour commute each day, and the only voice and video I look forward to is yours, because I can count on you to give me information that matters "at the moment". Been in IT for a very long time, was against Cryptocurrency trading in the past, and I've learned so much, and your videos have led me to learn a lot on my own. I think it's the least biased of them all, informed, you're down to earth, tell it how it is, its never boring or stale, and just in general, speak like your average everyday people that can relate. Not too much or less details, just enough to get someone to figure out the rest on their own and use common sense.

    Keep up the good work my mans, you guys are doing something right over there and I have NO doubt you guys will excel in this space.


  2. Robinhood is going to be starting no fee crytpo trading. Here is a signup link:

  3. What about Onecoin??

  4. NAVCOIN!!!!

  5. thanks for the content man.
    binance registration open again btw guys.
    can use my ref if you want to thank me for letting you know 🙂

  6. Jeff"I bought it way down here" alcoin army leader

  7. You should talk about Robinhood crypto trading!

  8. Remember, in some time XRP will be more decentralized than BTC

  9. Hey Jeff please take a look at IOS Token which just hit BINANCE yesterday! UNDER THE RADAR, it was just recently added to cryptocurrency market Cap 9 days ago! I got this @ $.01 Exciting platform but I need better understanding of the White paper. Thx if you have the time. Have a great day!

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  10. Ngoni waGire Kangara

    Great analysis Jeff. The caution is most welcome as much as it it what we don't want to hear!! Governments FUD is something to watch out for.

  11. Vechain to mars!🇺🇸👍

  12. There is no other big YT channel, that generates so much FUD , as this one does !

  13. Did you know there are 3 ETF’s on the stock market that follow cryptos?
    Can you do a video on them for us??

  14. Did you know there are 3 ETF’s on the stock market that follow cryptos?
    Can you do a video on them for us??

  15. Иван Марков

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  16. January 26th the first btc futures contracts expire. Then the whales will go long and will buy all the btc back so we will see a new bull run.

  17. Also, the South Korean exchanges are re-opening the new subscribers feature on 30th Jan. That, combined with the expiration of the CME Futures contract tomorrow, plus our high-volume Asian friends pumping money back into the market after Chinese New Year, should see the market pick up substantially in early to mid-Feb.

  18. How can he say ripple was at 3.65 when he himself reported on that being a false price because of the KRW

  19. electroneum long term!

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