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Crypto News | Stellar Lumens Added To Coinbase?! Altcoins Rally. China Lifting Crypto Ban!

Altcoins on an absolute rally with new highs from Ethereum, Cardano, Neo, Tron, and extra. Will Stellar Lumens be added to Coinbase? All this and extra in todays episode of Crypto News.


XLM Tweet: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/7nutjt/humaniq_tweet_hmq_xlm_xrp_will_be_added_to/

Criminals Find Alternative To BTC: http://bitcoinist.com/criminals-found-alternative-bitcoin/

Japan Heart Of BTC: https://www.coindesk.com/japan-new-heart-bitcoin/

China Lifting Crypto Ban Soon? : https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/03/china-to-eventually-lift-cryptocurrency-bitcoin-exchange-ban-bobby-lee-btcc.html

Statistical Analysis On Crypto: https://news.bitcoin.com/statistical-analysis-reveals-ties-that-bind-the-cryptocurrency-markets/

European Central Bank Taxing Bitcoin: https://www.coindesk.com/ecb-official-calls-for-tax-on-bitcoin-transactions/

Chinese Central Bank Can Limit Power Supply To Miners: https://bitnewstoday.com/news/regulation/china-s-central-bank-can-limit-power-supply-to-miners/

BTC Fees Dropping: https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-fees-are-falling-amidst-greater-segwit-adoption/

ICO Raise The Most Last Month: https://news.bitcoin.com/icos-raise-1-billion-month-first-time/

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  1. XRP just not stopping!

  2. MonsterTVchannel

    Just gave my boss your YouTube link as he is just getting into the space.
    Thanks for all the awesome content bro.

  3. If only Binance was up and running😞

  4. Where did you learn Technical Analysis? Very good content.

  5. Do you remember the 12th day of November?🎶🎤🎵🎶

  6. Why on earth would coinbase list HMQ

  7. do we really need more tron hype?

  8. so now watch everyone post videos about TRON tomorrow xD

  9. buy stellar lumens if you want to become rich

  10. First time watching, great info thank you! Subscribed and will be following closely.

  11. So biased. "Let's look at the big 3," – LTC hasn't been "big 3" for several weeks now.

  12. Yo! Love the information in your vids. If i could offer you a bit of advice… MAKE THEM SHORTER! clip out certain news pieces and have them be their own vids or in the description add links to certain times where you change subjects. This would give viewers a better experience in my opinion.

    Again, your content is great its just a lot at once. Keep on dropping vids!

  13. What are your thoughts on eidoo? Crypto wallet with a low market cap, room to grow in my opinion

  14. Good Morning James. I actually hold Modem. I think it's a good HODL. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  15. BE CAREFUL GUYS! Not only does Ripple encourage the XRP of suspicious accounts to be frozen, but “The financial institution should also freeze the counterparty in any other systems the financial institution operates that are connected to the XRP Ledger”. Your bitcoin; your litecoin; your euros; anything connected to a Ripple gateway can be locked down. No other cryptocurrency has a similar framework in place, which grants exchanges unprecedented powers to lock up funds at the drop of a hat.

  16. -Jan 4.. found a new gem.. "aelf" (ELF) only been listed for a week. -only 260m total supply.. amazing Product, and team from China (stunning) –headed to $35 or higher by next month..? was $1 yesteday.. now $1.80 up 50% as of today

  17. Paypie!!

  18. where is your back up proof for XML addition on coinbase ?


  20. so is china lefting crypto ban?

  21. Coinbase announced today that xrp will not be joining the coinbase platform and they will not be adding any other crypto to its platform.

  22. I love u and ur channel!!

  23. CND 🚀🚀🚀

  24. Buy Litecoins if you want to be rich.

  25. any websites that are like bittrex since its down?

  26. Reasons to buy Litecoin.

    1. Charlie Lee sold his ltc and everyone panicked.
    2. Charlie Lee donated to his own foundation (Saves Tax)
    3. Charlie Lee stepped away from LTC, to publicly be able to shill, without getting accusations.
    4. LTC is the silver to Bitcoin.
    5. LTC FOCUSES on acutal transactions (check charlie lee twitter he goes into detail on the amount of transactions)
    6. LTC going on Jan 11 Japanese market 27 million+ people
    7. Just read Charlie lee twitter he goes into detail.
    8. Read a basic chart, it will show LTC will go into an uptrend.

    All these new crypto are booming, don't forget litecoin was one of the top 3. LTC is used for transactions to transfer money from coinbase to Binance.
    Everyone is currently using Ethereum. But at $1000 Ethereum is more of a risk than a reward. Litecoin at $250 can potentially skyrocket.

    THE NEW CRYPTOS surged after talks of them being listed on coinbase. But Charliee Lee the owneer of coinbase stated on his twitter, coinbase has no intentions of putting new coins.
    KEEP IN MIND, Charlie Lee worked for coinbase.

  27. Coinbase already announced NO NEW Cryptos will be added any time soon.

  28. Just subscribed! I like your approach. The diversity in your analysis of the cryptomarket/adressing current news helps us gain greater insight. I'd like to see more exclusives on altcoins (unless your not a fan). Thanks for all your work, keep it up!

  29. Gun coin is a decentralized self-defense coin. Criminals may use Gun coin to commit crimes. This is no reason to regulate Gun coin.

  30. This guy doesn't have a clue what he is on about. Stellar has just crashed 20%

    Stick to Crypto Investor and Data Dash. They both actually know what they are talking about and predict things which go against the hype

    This is the month for BTC. Remember BTC is King. Dont try and mess with it or you will get stung!

  31. Been calling for STR for a long time


  33. hi could you please let me know where to keep this coin safe ( apart from hardware wallet as I dont have) as I am unable to find any paper wallet for this.

  34. hi could you please let me know where to keep stellar coin safe ( apart from hardware wallet as I dont have) as I am unable to find any paper wallet for this.

  35. 8)))))))))

  36. Crypto Conversations


  37. Wow UKCOIN is really going up on COINEXCHANGE. Is that something to do with the UK Government mentioning it in the BBC broadcast this afternoon?

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