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CrossTalk: Bitcoin Fever!

Bitcoin – for some it’s the very best marriage of generation and finance. For others this can be a ‘get rich’ scheme. Though nobody can deny its marketplace price is hovering and changing into a beautiful choice to the present international banking gadget. Is bitcoin revolutionizing the sector?
CrossTalking with Mitch Feierstein, Jeffrey Tucker, and Garrick Hileman.
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  1. Cryptocurrencies are changing the planet fast! Please invest in yourself with my crypto vlog series! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGjySL94COVRvZN7CNyp7Oc9Eva6Ebij4

  2. Super professional explained. So even the total new comers can understand.

  3. I loved Mitch until he began to continuously force his political agendas on us. This is a Transfer-Of-Wealth Revolution going on right now; the time to unite the masses, not keep them separated by the same constructed systems set forth by the Powers-That-Be. The evils of this world who are in charge laugh at the Left vs Right wars. As smart and ‘woke’ as Mitch is, how did that part fly over his head? Cryptos are the People’s Money and political labels need not apply here.

  4. Witness4JesusChrist


    It is digital money (to replace cash) which may work kinda like cell phone minutes that could expire every accounting period. So if you don’t use it before it expires you lose it. That means no more saving money. (see Technocracy Rising book, p.32) This crypto "secret" currency may be directly deposited to your debit card at first but soon it will be deposited to the Mark of the Beast which everyone will be required to get in order to buy or sell anything (Revelation 13:16-18). But if you get this Mark, you will be doomed to God’s wrath (Rev 14:9-13; Rev 16) and the lake of fire in Hell (Rev 21:8). So this digital money is punishment for our sins of materialism and money worship (Matthew 6:24) since we will lose all our money and stuff because of it. It is also a test of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (1Peter 1:7). If we repent of our sins, turn to God and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to take care of us (Matthew 6:25-34), even in the face of death, He promises to reward us in the coming Kingdom of God, with 100 times as much wealth as we lost, and along with it, eternal life (Matthew 19:29; Isaiah 60). So, “let this encourage God’s holy people to endure persecution patiently and remain firm to the end, obeying His commands and trusting in Jesus.” (Rev 14:12-13)

  5. "Planet Ponzi!”  Nailed it.

  6. These guys are solid.  19:00 things get really interesting

  7. bitcoin next silkroad

  8. feedmewithyourworthlessbitcoins com

  9. William Obrian Smith

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  10. I’ll stick with USD

  11. what about if bitcoin is disguised by the bankers to install a digital and eliminate any other form of money

  12. This phenomenon is a classic example of "irrational exuberance" driven by social media hype. I want a piece but cannot pull the trigger without solid research. Totally uncharted territory.

  13. Copy this address to send bitcoin


  14. Nobody, and I mean nobody, "fully" understands bitcoin. If you wait until you do before getting in you'll miss the boat entirely.

  15. The middle one talks like Mr. Slave from South Park. jesuth christ!

  16. Jose Luis Borrageiro

    What will stop corrupt officials from printing money to buy Bitcoin?

  17. I guess the talk took place in mid-year. Market cap hitted 500 billions + now.

  18. Bitcoin seems exactly like fiat money except the creation of money is controlled by a predictable algorithm rather than the arbitrary whim and secret agenda of banks.

  19. https://freebitco.in/?r=10871261

    Please help me out with this Its a site where you can earn free bitcoin and It helps me out to

  20. It's not a FEVER wake the %^# up , BITCOIN is the future end of story , all other cryptos wil fail miserably . And don't cut it down if you don't own any , and that would be the reason .

  21. Love the Jesse Livermore glasses .

  22. US is ready for a similar coin. Reality in a few short years. It's the end of banks and bankers.

  23. unfortunately…was very skeptical about bitcoins but beginning to think it could an innovative way of change…YES WITHOUT ALREADY CORRUPTED CONTROL…

  24. Only pedophiles wear bowties.

  25. Litecoin for small transactions like buying lunch. Litecoin will take over bitcoin.

  26. @11:54 and forward.

  27. Radioactive Banana

    The biggest issue with Bitcoin- it controls the market via the fictional accounting term Mark to Market (MTM). When one company's ledger goes down – it affects all and all ledgers go down! Does this make any fucking sense? It's a way for bankers to destroy business'. We have to shut down MTM so business's work on their own worth and not some fictional BS of Bankers. Help me shut down Mark to Market! Get the NWO/banker whores out of crypto. I mean who the fuck owns Bitcoin? The NWO banker whores! Destroy bitcoin and MTM and let the other crypto currencies rise! This is how they controlled the stock market!

  28. Radioactive Banana

    Other crypto currencies are actually business's using Blockchain to develop new technology. You can see their business plan and you get updates. Bitcoin is thin air, owned by the bankers! Stop investing in Bitcoin! Tons of other currencies that are actual business' creating something worth value! Not bitcoin!

  29. Crypto currencies are making banks obsolete! "Buy crypto currencies, and be your own bank!"

  30. Peter Meissnitzer

    Bitcoin has the BRAND NAME to overcome ALL the negatives. It is the FERRARI of crypto currencies , NEVER FORGET THAT . That's is exactly why it will keep on going up in price. I fully expect BTC to pass the 100k by this time next year and reach a million in 3 to 5 years.

    Do not be left behind join the RESISTANCE , even micro bits of BITCOIN will serve you well in the future GO….BITCOIN….GO.

  31. What poppycock! All three of these guests are neoliberal globalists who want a digitized one world currency. This would take the disastrous EU experiment even further, forever shutting down sovereign nations' authority to issue and control their own currencies to invest in public purpose, which private sector banks have pretty much halted these past 40 years by seizing control of government.

    "The “nation-state" as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” 
    ~ Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages, 1970

    "The Trilateralist Commission is international…(and)…is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States. The Trilateralist Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical." ~ Barry Goldwater, With No Apologies, 1979

  32. PEOPLE. As long as your respective governments accept payment of taxes in your own currencies, those currencies will do just fine. They are stable, they have value. The value is what you can buy with them. People complain about increasing amount of money, but fail to realize that with a stable amount of money and growing economies there will be deflation. Why do you think no one uses the gold standard? There are reasons for these things.
    Banks are neither good nor bad. They are tools. People need banks. They give liquidity to our IOUs. They can be good, as long as they are tightly regulated.
    AND the FED is NOT PRIVATE. It's charted by congress. Congress can dissolve it tomorrow, congress gives orders to the FED. The FED had to go and BEG congress to approve the QE's, otherwise the FED couldn't do anything on its own. It does what it was told to do. When the FED has profit at the end of the year, this profit is immediately transfered to the Treasury. Stop believing bogus theories.

  33. Meister der Erkenntnis

    Thanks !
    What do you think about PIVX?

  34. I wouldn’t be this happy if it wasn’t for ( >> https://goo.gl/SpQSmR ) who has literally changed my life by keeping me away from all the financial issues that used to haunt me a lot. It not only solved my financial issues but also the time commitment thing by working on its own without me being the part of it.?

  35. Peter Meissnitzer

    BITCOIN 2.0 with lightning network will finish off the competition , copy cats they are.

  36. Bitcoin will fail big time … you fools didn’t get in on it in 2009

  37. Bitcoin is here to stay. So is Ponzi scheme

  38. The problem with bitcoin I can't pay my taxes in bitcoin and I can't pay groceries or bills or gas or a beer at a bar so how people think bitcoin would work in the future?

  39. The reporter has no idea about economy. Confusing, comparing cryptocurrency to block chain is a loaded phenomena and misleading.

  40. If all of us produce one gain of wheat in 24 hrs. say 7,000,000 people can eat. If all of us produce and own a cryptocurrency what do we have? Cryptocurrency is a mirage. It is a Ponzi scheme. A few people get very rich and thousands or billions lose money. A thousand years ago, a few chemists tried to change one element to make gold in abundance, Even this notion or dream has value. Cryptocurrency is absolute zero. A hundred years from now it could be worth millions. There is no absolute time table for its crash. Thanks for your reply.

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