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Bought More Ethereum & Bitcoin As FISA Memo Nukes Global Markets 😂

Don’t be a weakling at the Rothschild debt plantation. Learn about foreign money. https://fulcrumnews.com/subscribe

Not monetary recommendation; no warranties or promises equipped, however I really like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Always will. Rothys lose.

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  1. proost greetings from rotterdam holland

  2. This channel is one of my faves.

  3. Stay crypt.

  4. Gave my kids crypto for Christmas

  5. Will be buying more next chance I get it. Wouldn't sell even at $1.

  6. I got dropped.

  7. i got no chat no

  8. Crypto is the answer to the pedo dollar!

  9. You talk about banks and crypto. What are your thoughts on credit unions?

  10. My first exposure to bitcoin was a failed attempt to blackmail me. It seemed in that context to be a type of currency that was used only for nefarious purposes. So when it became widely available it was lent credibility by sheer exposure. I believe it was created by the deep state and or cabal to not only track illegal activity (which is all it was used for for the first few years) AND TO GET A LOST OF PREPPERS and folks that want to prepare for global currency collapse. Then they will know who their most formidable adversaries are and hosebwho are thinking aheadbof the game….
    I have said that getting rid of the cabal could only mean bad things for bitcoin because alternative vcurrency would no longer be necessary. Sorry but I got oit afterblosing half of my mom investment. I will buy gold and have my yard fenced and gated with decorative aluminum, with electric entry gates with the other half and say I learned a valuable lesson about speculation.

  11. I wonder what backs bit coin other than optimism?

  12. Make Soros bucks obsolete!

  13. Yes David take more over the edge with you.

  14. Holding…If I loose everything ,Im ok with that 👍

  15. Rory an lee steele

    The peds need to be lock up .

  16. F**K Google…..!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Well youtube is just straight robbing people now. Just paid for my you tube red, like 2 days ago. Should be fine. Now i see multiple ads even though it says my reds still on…not cool youtube. Not cool.

  18. What about those of us who have no money, what happens to us.

  19. you tube censoring looooosers cat shit face corporate cunt run

  20. david, dont you think its the rothschilds and elites pulling money out of markets and bitcoin? trying to flex muscles?

  21. HODLERS truly earn their gains. Now many a loser will finally understand and have to make a decision. Most traders fail

  22. The robot that has been controling it since mid December is not hiding behind the ups and downs like it has since then. They are yanking the rug out from under us now and there will be much greater discounts soon I'm afraid. I will get back in at 1k.

  23. I'm hanging on to my bitcoin. Can't afford to buy more though. Stay well David.

  24. I bought more Ether too, along with more ADA and IOTA.

  25. Etherium will Crash to $150 – probably within 6 weeks based on chart and worldwide collapse of bubble stocks and crypto bubble. Good luck I do not want to see people lose $$. Hold crypto at yr own risk.

  26. Using the f bomb is not for me…will not share or watch.

    Stop smoking those cancer sticks

  27. David "Bought More Ethereum & Bitcoin" Quit being a STUPID IDIOT. You're smarter then this. Wait until BTC is 3.5k and Ether is $300. This will save you majorly.

  28. If you have crepto it's on your computer. Your property. Is your computer yours? They Will give away free Wi-Fi early next year. Progress. Fuck progress!

  29. You're a warrior with standards and character.  Love it buddy.

  30. Keep holding. Might be a little premature to buy. I think we will test 5500 btc. But you do you boo.

  31. The Bang Brothers Band

    Youre good. Youtube just sucks

  32. My bank fuckin blocked deposits to the exchanges i buy from. Cunts are scared shitless. CRYPTO TAKEOVER BITCHES

  33. If you listen to this guy and buy crypto currency then you are gonna lose a lot of money

  34. What Site does David recommend to buy bitcoin and wallet. I see so man neg reviews on coinbase as a SCAM??? Please advise what david uses to by and hold bitcoin??? THX So Much for any replies!!! GBTC&TP…Amen

  35. David, I posted something today about Pizzagate and am being challenged to prove the emails are very creepy and strange. Might you be able to direct me to one or two of the emails and/or a video you did on them….I know this is a long time ago and they could possibly have been deleted but I am unable to find anything on the internet that has even one of the Podesta emails…..sorry to go so far astray.  Many thanks.

  36. Two more questions which I hope are not stupid. 1. Do we agree the market is going to crash? 2. Is anyone buying metal?

  37. David, what do you think of MINER ONE: https://minerone.io

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