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Bitconnect Show Litecoin Vs Ripple

Litecoin Vs Ripple
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Litecoin Vs Ripple

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Litecoin Vs Ripple

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  1. Great videos man keep up the good work! I rly do admire your work but Im new in crypto world trying to get in but it isn't all that easy for me as I tought and your videos helped! tried using your referral link the other day when you said first 2 referrals get 100$ but coinbase does not work for Serbia hating this stupid and poor country a bit more every day … 🙁 I would try bitconnect but I think 100$ is to little to make decent profit….?
    anyways if you could spare 5$ worth of bitcoin to get me somewhat started I would rly appreciate it … 1BkCGGZCMSLtb2hXEnV5af9ymsW2kWjYKu

  2. BTC fees are too high bro. Do u do still do the 100$ bitconnecr free thing??


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