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Bitcoin to $50K in 2018?! | Bitcoin Will Bottom in April! The Bullish Case

Many consider we’re repeating 2014 and the crypto markets are in for a long-term undergo cycle. What if we’re in reality in 2013 and we will be able to see some other sturdy run prior to the BIG undergo is in point of fact right here?

I lay out a case for why I believe the markets will backside in April and why we could also be repeating 2013 at this time and NOT 2014.

What are your ideas?

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  1. I hope it does break down, bigger the dip harder the rip.

  2. You don't know for sure

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  4. look at the like/dislike ratio… you think a rally can happen? at the moment, for every 36 people who don't own any and maybe waiting to buy, there are 1000 people stuck in losing position and waiting to get out…… this bubble has already popped, the bottom is about $1000… that is if btc survives.

  5. This is Good News If you still have Bitcoin. This is the best time to invest and buy more bitcoin at cheaper rate and watch it Hit $50,000 in a few months. Remember when Bitcoin got to $18,000 we were all wishing we had opportunity to buy it when it was $8000, now its $8000 they are panicking and saying itsn Crashing, I had 3.5Btc ( $42,000) which dropped to nearly ( $18,000) when i came across a testimony of how a Pro Trader “Anna Jones” thought people how to multiply their Btc at first,i was skeptical, but i tried it, the first week we made 19btc with my 3.5 btc, Give this program a try. Her contacts are annajones946@gmail. com, text or  whatsapp +1 813 8245 678 Don't keep your Bitcoin idle, double your money every week

  6. I think a better marketing aspect for BTC is to say how much the price of 1 Satoshi. That way when it goes up to 20k again it will only be 20 cents for a Satoshi. Sounds a bit more affordable 🙂

  7. D-Tech Analytics

    Good video. I think you may be underestimating how many sellers there are in the market. After being dumped on this hard I think that there will be tons of sellers trying to bailout once they reach 50 to 80% percent of their initial investment. At this point I think it's only us diehards with cash reserves trying to time the bottom, while the average person who bought in above 12k just wants their money back.

  8. Kucoin has a beast setup right now

  9. 83k bitcoin eoy confirmed. Seriously though, Node Investor's videos are my favorite. I hope he's right about the 2013 comparison.

  10. It will go down until 110B range. Every person that is more than 2 years in crypto knows that…

  11. bitcoin to 1000 or less.

  12. I'll just continue to do as I've done since the start. Every check, pay my bills and put some asside for spending money and then dump the rest into bitcoins. As we go down I can buy more millibits. Eventually I'll be smiling.

  13. Whales push the price down to accumulate more BTC.. and then pump again then market back to normal. As soon as you throw your towel, FOMO kicks in. This video shows history repeat itself. Thumbs up!!

  14. Elisabeth jacob

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  16. very logical : ) will hope

  17. Reasonable analysis.
    Unhyped and not overly speculative.

  18. Yep, you're right. This will bottom up in april, followed by a bullrun. It pretty much follow the gold-pattern from 1974 which underwent a bear market the following years. However, bitcoin moves 15x faster than gold, thus we'll see the bulls coming out of their cages from april/may and the prior ATH will look like a chicken compared to the new ATH.

    This article also suggest some of the prices you are suggesting:


  19. FX TRADER Jimmy Dimopoulos

    Another prediction that’s so wrong!

  20. FX TRADER Jimmy Dimopoulos

    It’s all hopeium with no fundamentals or technicals

  21. everybody is banning bitcoin how come it will be 50,000 ?

  22. Agreed, according to my gut!

  23. GCN Coin has been having trends I have been following and its a good coin if you want to make some profit on cycles.

  24. What where the fundementals in 2013,and what are the fundementals now.I was not there in 2013.What was the news that make this bullrun in 2013?And compare that with the news now in 2018.What is the same now,or better then in 2013?.Someone can remember?

  25. Bro..nobody can call this ASSET..its an asset not correlated to anything…so how you analysis something new…ITS anybodys guess???? Besides 90% of traders loose…

  26. BTC will be 50k before January

  27. i added to my position yesterday watch my videos

  28. i added to my position yesterday watch my videos

  29. This prediskation is bulshit if some 1 dont invest big maney in btc he whill rich zero ant that is try realy low volume on markets i dont think btc whill grow in near future he wil go to 3000 usd in april

  30. Enjoyed your approach and info. Thanks for the history reminder and TA, great watch

  31. Hi guys, found a good site on which you can monitor the exchange rate: goo.gl/mXjido Sorry for my bad English, I'm just from Russia, but this topic is also interesting!)

  32. Paul in Las Vegas

    You make a strong case based on history and the charts for your estimates. Thank you for sharing your insight with us through this excellent video.

  33. By far the best stats and prediction I have seen so far

  34. Beautiful charting
    Thank you

  35. Crazy prayingmantis

    I think we're going to go sideways for the next 2 months then slowly start to rise.
    I'm also just guessing like everyone else, the only difference is, I don't pretend to know things I don't know.

  36. I think the only money to come in at the moment is smart money. Smart money is waiting for the bottom, the public got burned it will be a while until they will want to or can afford to get back in, so I feel $3k is not unreasonable.

  37. I believe that cryptocurrencies are nothing but speculation. They are up for no reason absolutely and have no value other than virtual tokens. Cryptocurrencies have absolutely no mainstream adoption. Just give it until 2020 and we can see the crypto market decline.

  38. I hope you are right, but you are likely to be wrong coz you don't take geopolitical conflicts into your analysis. Charts can be meaningless coz all markets are manipulated. The only reason the crypto market is going down it is becoz the big money, AKA banks plus governments, is withdrawing from this game. Smart money knows what is coming; war! The last thing you wanna hold in a madmax scenerio is cryptos! Having said this, cryptos will recover ONLY if there is hope for peace, which is clearly not the case.

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