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Bitcoin: How Does it Work? (Roger Ver Interview)

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Roger Ver (Bitcoin Investor) joins Dave to speak about Bitcoin 101. Bitcoin is virtual cash used for protected and speedy switch of price any place on the earth. It isn’t managed or issued via any financial institution or executive – as an alternative it is an open community which is controlled via its customers. ***Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RubinReport

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Roger Ver
Investor, Bitcoin.com
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  2. Although I appreciate hearing this guy out, but I would rather get information on this from someone who isn't trying to sell me something.

  3. I thought this was interesting until about 40 minutes in, at which point I started thinking this guy's a little crazy. His stance on and understanding of war is simplistic at best, and his proposal of non-policeable hit-lists is absolutely terrifying. Plus all his anti-government proposals would do is shift the violence and the governing around, not eliminate it: it would create a complete aristocratic plutocracy. The last twenty minutes of this interview make him seem borderline unhinged. Props to Dave for not ripping it apart and letting him speak his mind, though.

  4. I assume he was up for days straight on some stimulant stronger than coffee. either way, great interview.

  5. Dave, last week the top comments were honest discussions about how Roger Ver is not a good spokesperson for Bitcoin, how he is misleading new people in the space. They all seem to have been deleted. This is a shame, mostly for the new people. I lost a lot of respect for your show when you had Ver on in the first place to discuss Bitcoin. And now I've lost even more respect now that I see any critical comments that had decent support have been removed. What a shame.

  6. First 22 minutes are a great intro into Bitcoin!,
    after that Roger is a big figure pushing for a fork of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash,
    Its a scaling issue that the community has been arguing about for years, Roger and Bitcoin Cash is for the short term solution, increasing block size, whereas Bitcoin is working on a long term solution, Im not sure which path is the correct path to go, but I like long term solutions

  7. This is almost worse than when you had on Tommy Robinson you soulless empty headed liberal twat. Bitcoin cash/Bcash/Btrash is an attempt by this libertarian ghoul to usurp bitcoin with centralized nodes.

  8. Many people complained that paper money have no value, because they are not covered by gold or any other real commodity. I think main message of bitcoin is that money are just about trust as first time in history people spend money for literally nothing (in material sense)

  9. well….it isnt instantly…its like 30-60 minutes with bitcoin, lol but yes I get what he is saying ;-)If I say took bitcoin for payment of like a car etc., instead of cash being instant id make the guy wait the hour or so before it had all the confirmations completed to let go of my title 🙂

  10. That vigilante murder group he thinks is a great idea made me nervous that this guy has so much money. He sounded like a James Bond villain.

  11. BackToConstitution

    At 22 min, Roger Ver FORGOT to tell the people that bitcoin cash has no SECURITY! and it NEVER WILL! The network of over 100,000 that he mentioned at the start, is what gives bitcoin it's SECURITY and he is going to lose $2.4 billion on this loser, bitcoin cash! If you're going to speak the truth, tell the entire truth, not some bogus truth that sucks people in, by fraudulent means. You're going to get sued!

  12. Great interview, brilliant guy!

  13. So if a child is killed in a war then it is murder. What do we do when a government is killing children in its own country? Watch?

  14. Great interview. It would be nice if Roger would turn his energies toward helping to fix the original Bitcoin's fee situation. IMO that would be better than pushing his Bitcoin Cash. It will be difficult to mainstream Bitcoin and even more difficult to do so with Bitcoin Cash.

  15. I love this so much and it was so informative!! Everyone in the comments are talking so much crap avout Roger but I totally believe everything he says! I mean why not he is only tryna help people not get rich off people he said it his self HE IS ALREADY RICH. Im definitely gonna look into this more!

  16. I think i understand Bitcoin LESS after watching this. Lol i think i learned more from this video:


  17. Local Marketing Wiz

    New respect for Roger Ver after watching this!

  18. You need to bring on Peter Schiff do argue the counter point to bitcoin

  19. Once upon a time we used to trade apples for oranges.
    NOW you have to sell your apples ( get taxed), buy oranges ( get taxed ), make a profit on the sale ? ( get taxed). Now take your after tax dollars to the grocery store and buy some steak ( get taxed ).

    Separation of Currency and State is the way of the future.

  20. 25 minutes in I still don't get it

  21. Started off well and then confuses new users by pushing his own agenda

  22. nice just bought 100k

  23. Bitcoin wont work because Liberals will stop it by being stupid cause they read a Huff Po article saying its racist

  24. Where the bcore shills at? Defending 4 days long transaction for 10 dollar fee??

  25. Guys, I am new to this, and I do not have starting money to mine/buy some BTC, any help is acceptable, thank you
    BTC Wallet: 1J8FJuWmWbwidsyQ2o1XQ3ua1mnzPkjc9z

  26. I am laughing right now. You know why? Because Ethereum will knock bitcoin out

  27. anybody that still thinks cryptocurrency is about "digital money" over fintech is retarded

  28. as long as people keep forking BTC the supply will increase 😀 unlimited supply. BTC is worthless lol

  29. how many bridges has this guy paid for out of his own pocket? does he even know how much a bridge costs to build? just a highway overpass, take a fucking wild guess… newsflash for you: if the government didnt build highway overpasses, there wouldnt be any highway overpasses…

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