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Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO! GREEN CANDLE DELIGHT – Live Market Updates

Ooh, that is it, that abdomen turning bitcoin crushing feeling, Will blockchain live to tell the tale? haha. Of direction, it is going to. This era cannot be put again within the bag. Its right here to stick, whether or not you might be are an Ethereum fan, Litecoin, Neo or any of the others like cloak or pillar. Its been a coarse month. But, This is only the start! The ecosystem has years of expansion to look ahead to.

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  1. The Crypto Connoisseur

    So glad I found your channel. ☮☺️😌

  2. enjoy the beach !!!

  3. Seems like a Fibonacci retracement from the 2nd top makes more sense when you look at the candles. Check it out

  4. Great and very pragmatic talk!!

  5. Friedrich Dittrich

    i sell my neo just before this bullrun i sold for 100usdt and 2min later it go bull 🤢🤢

  6. Hi Tijo, I recently came across your channel and appreciate your updates. I've subscribed, since your points are very insightful and show you have trading knowledge and experience. You also appear to have a balanced way of life which is very important when managing emotions when trading.

    Question: Which exchanges do you use and/or suggest to buy coins like pillar, cloak, neo etc ? thanks again.

  7. Everyone go put on dry pants, get online and rebuy! Don’t chicken shit out next time.

  8. 10-100x potential:
    SunContrac Decentralized Energy Market
    WePower green energy trading platform
    KWHcoin renewable energy
    UNIFY crowdfunding, POS

  9. Stayed calm and bought more 🤑

  10. Is there one place you can safely (reasonably at least) buy many crypos with out going round the houses?

  11. Great vids as always. NEO one of my top coins long term. Can I ask what primary time frame do you use when taking a position? Especially during high volatility.

  12. 11 out of 10…

  13. Congratulations on 20K Subscribers Tijo!

  14. Love this channel and have learned a lot from here!!

  15. Thanks for your time dude

  16. Yep. I remember you called 7k a while back from the comments section. Snagged some more BRD and 0X. Opened a new position into Pillar. Pillar held pretty strong due to the community during this whole downfall. One can’t sleep on a community. Also happens to be one of Cliff’s most talked about coins.

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