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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – All Aboard the Fear Express

So a lot concern in the marketplace, Bitcoin is down, SEC cracking down, Japan having a look to droop exchanges, Russia drafts anti-crypto regulation, Binance drama, and extra !

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  1. First one on!!!

  2. Xamborg Deuxchette

    The Financial Services Agency (FSA) said on Thursday that it has issued business suspension orders to two exchanges – FSHO and Bit Station –

    ive noo money there no stress xd

  3. Николай Афанасьев

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  4. Buy the bear, sell the bull.

  5. Wouldn't mind an even stronger dip for some cheap cryptos 🙂

  6. Lark=voice of reason

  7. Tekken20 Iron Film

    SELL, SELL, SELL!! We're all gonna die!

  8. Love your style…keep on rocking!

  9. Great video

  10. Александр Кузьминов

    Digital lands? I’m in whatever it takes. Already invested a bit, just because of the very idea. What if it smashes! Will be back for more when the sale is on to get WL extras – link more info arcona.io

  11. Finally figured it out!!! He reminds me of Weird Al of Crypto when his hair is super curly!

  12. Thank you for the video!

  13. they are doing it to short the market

  14. I have substratum on KuCoin

  15. Thanks for the video Lark. You're absolutely right about the coordinated FUD.

  16. Daniela Gonzalez

    great perspective! please check $zoi

  17. Muhammad Khalil

    Lark. Please look into trueusd.com (Tether replacement?) and a new ICO streamity.org if you find some time. Thanks for quality updates.

  18. Gaby Gonzalez Ch

    Don't fear to take a look con $zoi

  19. Your head was in the way of the chart!

  20. Lark please interview Axpire. Incredible project with great potential.

  21. Top coin TEL COIN! x50 in 2018. AIRDROP telcoin.pro/tokenairdrop

  22. great video lark, no one has done a video like this yet. thanks for mentioning all the news not just 1 or 2 parts of it

  23. As far as that interesting grouping of countries typically excluded from ICOs: Amerika is Babylon!!! (Well, the Amerikan deep state is the capstone of the Babylonian system.) Still, we're riding the wave of perceived freedom in the US, which isn't bad as long as we're aware that every day that passes, the idea of joining the exodus out looks better and better. Dang, really hope I can ride the crypto wave to get enough and get the heck out. Speaking of that; not sure if you still do the giveaways so just in case: ETH 0xC9eDDFa3338BD549D444685f35a75E832D68b681

  24. I like your style. Keep it! ^^

  25. This guy is one of the best!

  26. Cryptolark is important to start cleaning the field…

  27. Too many FUD express

  28. how to keep your sanity in this market add a few 00 onto your ballance

  29. Michael Frederick

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  30. Trump understands making $$, and is no friend of the banks. If he could make $$$ without having to go to those vultures for loans he would have. I will be surprised if his Administration is not friendly to crypto.

  31. Zachary Butterfield

    Hey Lark! The good news is the Ethos Universal wallet will be out soon! They have a list you can join to be the first to use it. Get on it before 3/31. Cheers.

  32. I got lucky getting in early November 2017. I believe crypto might be inevitable. Great video man keep it up.

  33. My man lark with the excellent analyse and staying humble. Example

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  35. When in Norway there i learned that they plan to be cashless by 2020.. only 5 percent of norweigein people use bank notes for day to day spending.

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