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Bitcoin Crash? What Exactly Happened?

Watch in HD and please learn the outline for some knowledge I forgot to say.

My ideas on why Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace typically dipped!! I’m ready to listen to what you assume 😬

PS I forgot to elaborate on my third level about inexperienced persons entering the marketplace with none wisdom of cryptocurrency. What I used to be looking to say is that I believe after they do that and so they see a bit appreciation or a bit decline, they promote in an instant which in flip I believe impacts the marketplace.
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Disclaimer- I’m really not a monetary guru and this isn’t funding recommendation.

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  1. What was the guy in the beginning thinking? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. lmao the idiot in the beginning. my goodness..

  3. Awesome video, was worried thanks for sharing

  4. Love the video (from first to this). Getting better, real friendly intelligent speaks, great humor and apt summary @ the end! Well done cryptogirl! Teaching the world a microbyte @a time !

  5. Do you think Ethereum will hit 20K by the end of nxt year ???

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