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Bitcoin Cash is FRAUD! Max Keiser Unimpressed with Roger Ver’s “Stunt”!

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Max Keiser does not pull punches when it got here to his reflections on CNBC’s function of Roger Ver and his Bitcoin Cash interview.

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Note: This is now not monetary recommendation as all making an investment is speculative. Have a laugh and excellent good fortune!

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  1. A peer to peer Electronic Cash.
    A peer to peer Store of Value.
    Well, BTC is pretty unconvenient. High fees. As result the concept of Electronic Cash is ruined.

  2. Now, other forks from Bitcoin Core on December and January, I think that are a backlash by the Bitcoin core developers to the Bitcoin Cash, to make confusion about Bitcoin cash.
    Think people, Bitcoin core has take the most powerful coin on the market and made experiments on the network experiments that are not absolutely necessary ( can increase the blocks first and in parallel to work on lighting network, not to destroy the most powerful coin ), experiments that cost from 99% of market capital to 34% capital now.
    And is not the fault of Bitcoin Cash because the capital has not been transferred from BTC to BCH, but instead from BTC to other coins, so Bitcoin now has no utility in the market.
    Now the fault I think that is not on other coins, but on BTC.
    So, think, think, think, let the emotions apart, and begin to think with numbers.

  3. Dude… you got to STOP paying youtube to post your fucking videos ALL over my mother fucking such query… I hope one day there's a option to block channels from populating in suggestion section….

  4. BITCOIN is controlled by the banks. Bitcoin Cash is the true bitcoin!

  5. Bitcoin is obsolete…bitcoin cash is just a copy cat…LTC works, why would we need bitcoin cash ? Now Raiblocks is much faster 7000 tx/sec and cost 0

  6. Dear sir, the company that the primary bitcoin developers belong to have bankers involved. Please explain to me how this is not an absolute conflict to what bitcoin is about! Do you honestly think that they are not going to bring in lots of fees and make it centralized? If you read the white papers of Satoshi Nakamoto bitcoincash is far closer to vision. I loved bitcoin and what it stood for but again are the bankers going to allow the true bitcoin? This makes absolutely no sense at all! Please convince me differently, I am open minded! I truly hate to say this but I think there is a lot of paying off going on! Again bitcoinCash is the true bitcoin because they are not working with the banks and they are following Satoshi Nakamoto vision! I apologize if I am coming across harsh but I am really upset how bitcoin belongs to the banks now! I am open minded please convince me differently. Thank you, Charles

  7. core devs are paid in fiat but bch devs are paid in bch so they have more skin in the game

  8. Bcash is scam, such big amount of scam forks and shitcoins when we have so many great ideas on blockchain to invest.

  9. I love Bitcoin!
    Max K is cool too!

  10. I'm surprised Roger Ver is not back in prison yet..

  11. Just ask Max Keiser whatever happened to By Silver Crash JP Morgan scam he pulled o silver investors years ago. The guy is littered with story after story of scams, you should do a video on him. IMO

  12. what kind of bullshit clickbait headline is this? is that the only way you actually get people to watch your channel?

  13. I'm distracted by that gold brake calipers @decentralizedTV

  14. First time I saw max was on infowars.. I remember him talking about bitcoin 08 and how big it would be .. man he knows what’s up peeeteea πŸ‘

  15. Always been a fan of Max. I'm being distracted by the gorgeous lines of the Lambo. Wow!

  16. Max helps drive adoption bigly.

  17. Max Keiser created Maxcoin. Don't forget that! Don't forgive!

  18. Who needs bcash when we have Litecoin? BTC will remain the mothership but more as a store of value, just like gold (gold isn't very practical for buying groceries either).

  19. you're a retard, try some professional coaching on your reading.

  20. do you have a steering wheel for your computer ?

  21. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

  22. I suggest to join the perspective project under the name TokenGo. Here very much there is a lot of bounty jobs for everyone which execution is generously rewarded by developers, referral bonuses and many another. Here to the platform you can place and create own tokens and open the ICO

  23. I think they are inside trading again today, over 2 billion of volume in GDax

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