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Bitcoin Bull Run To $20,000 As Investors Take Profit on Altcoins?

It seems as despite the fact that Bitcoin is on the point of run once more as buyers take benefit on their altcoins and invest in Bitcoin riding Bitcoin to $20,000.

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  1. Jeff check out nuggets ICO.. seems interesting.

  2. Dog do live so I can just follow you exactly real time haha. I bought ripple today at like almost $1 like an absolute noob. You told us to do that in the opposite and I didn't listen at all lol.

  3. you have some good points but i think your wrong on Litecoin, i think this time people are goin gto pump money into Litecoin and Bitcoin, cause people know that Litecoin is going to 3-4-5000 by end of 2018.

    The people that sell could lose out. We got big fish in the game now, the dynamics have changed

  4. Hmmmm . . . Good assumptions don’t necessarily pan out, do they. It’s possible to trade your way into poverty, if . . .

  5. Christopher Richards

    What software do you use to record your pc screen and web cams? I saw in one video that you went and paid for the software to enable a feature… either way I am trying to record the pc screen and webcam at the same time. Can you please recommend some good software?

  6. when you are trading in and out like that… you are creating capitals gains that you must pay taxes on this year

  7. are you tracking that…to settle up or??? how are you handling in the in and out each go round?

  8. or is it not like futures markets for some reason?

  9. Benjamin Eberhardt

    What's do you about my portfolio?


  10. i have hashflare.whats better:to cloudmine or to invest more in exchanges? if u need help in hashflare, i help and share my ref bonus


  12. just use an altcoin converter https://currencio.co/btc/ltc/

  13. Good video. Doing right now on the website primedice min 0.05 btc per day.Uploaded a new video on your channel.

  14. You can make money on Ripple without having to bet the farm!

  15. How do you change to the %1h 24% %7h from the graph that i have on my screen ?

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  17. Your videos are very useful and informative to us noobs, thank you

  18. I made 3x on my first time ever trade, to bad I don't have more to play with

  19. Mmmmmm droppppppp. Hahahaha

  20. bitcoin dominance is slowly returning back to 55% what does this mean?

  21. litecoin still looking good

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  26. That's where all traders come in. All those having a day job can't do this flip flop or will loose focus. That's why all these share markets crypto markets are just gambling which I have been doing lately 😛

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  28. Its called a sloshing in the crypto space. The money sloshes back and forth and increases with new investors.

  29. Great analysis videos man! Keep it up, just subbed

  30. I've been doing some trading on coinbase and now since it will take about 7 days for me to receive my coin offically am I only allowed to trade what they consider to currently be in my wallet without depositing more money or do they consider my pending BTC as credit/current $?

  31. I don't understand this at all. If I own a certain amount of Litecoins and Litecoin value goes down and the same time Bitcoin goes up, and I exchange Litecoin to Bitcoin don't I actually lose? Because I'm buying Bitcoin for a higher price? But what that guy in the video says is the exact opposite. I'm confused.

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