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Bitcoin Bubble Pop: Explained | Why BTC Is NOT Dead!

Bitcoin has had a large battle right through this bubble pop/burst crash that has took place with the crash. With Bitcoin achieving massive all time highs and now probably even crashing to $five,000 which is a huge shift from the place we had been only a month in the past.

With numerous folks wondering if bitcoin remains to be price it and whether or not this is a protected and successful funding in 2018, I am giving my solutions to in point of fact get right down to the ground of if BTC is lifeless. It might not be what you need to listen to, however it’s what I in my view see because the in all probability case state of affairs.


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  2. Really informative man!! Im one of those who never sold haha

  3. Still holding 🙂

  4. I followed the rules. Only put in what I can lose so if it goes to 0 that'll suck but oh well.

    helps that im not rich enough to have a massive portfolio value tho lol

  5. I need more money to buy more while its cheap…

  6. what software is it that you use to look at all that data?

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