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Bitcoin Almost Done Crashing? – Cryptocurrency Dip to $6000 Before The Moon

The Cryptocurrency Market continues to be crashing. Bitcoincould hit $6k, and it is dragging altcoins with it. What’s the rationale? What’s the scoop? Is it ever going to finish? What do you do in case you are a primary time investor? What do you do in case you are already within the crypto recreation?

Beginner Look Into Tradingview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhbOoKpI_Sc
Best Ways To Know When To Buy And Sell Crypto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt4jF_YA6N8
My Top three Crypto For February 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K_ATK22K00

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  1. Yes best to buy at 6K….

  2. кремльбот

    Tether is about to crash. not smart

  3. I spent 10000 dollar in nano. I will suiside.

  4. Hey B,
    I know Tether is smart so u can act FAST, and eliminate losses while transferring between exchanges in times of high volatility(which is ALWAYS). But do you see Tether as "safe" nowadays? U know with the subpoenas and all.

  5. Who else got an strange binance update today?

  6. 1stNationalBitCoin.com

    Hey everyone! Bitcoin cash is going to overtake bitcoin Btc. The price will dip below and when it does they exchanges will recognize that Bitcoin cash will be the New BITCOIN!!!!!
    So do not panic ! Don't sell HODL then the alt coins you own are on the way up!!! So buckle your seat belt up and put your space helmet on! Enjoy the ride up!

  7. The next big downside will be caused by Tether issue.

  8. I want to watch your videos but every time I start, that stupid exaggerated voice you do makes me close it. You and other youtubers need to stop doing that shit.

  9. I invested 5k in USDT 7 months ago and i swear it hasn't moved an inch!!

  10. Pay with newly bought crypto, help introduce states to crypto it will spread.

  11. Check SALpay please , low cap, working product, great team. Really interested in your review!

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  13. The law states they must convert the crypto to fiat within 24 hours. So no, they're not getting more out of you.

  14. Congratulations really nice video!

  15. Telcoin will be the coin of 2018. Wont be available for too long at this price level.

  16. I found out that on Quadriga I can exchange Btc, ltc, or eth for Canadian Dollars at the click of a button and it holds it in CAD ready to buy in again whenever. I took a screenshot of my portfolio and all the amounts of each crypto. once BTC tests the 6k mark again, im gonna switch my CAD back into my 7, or 8 different crypto i held to get even more than before.

    Great Channel! – Subscribed

  17. Why is BAR tanking right now? Its getting a lot of positive attention

  18. Solid analysis. Will look hard at that 6k level. What if it doesnt go down there? Rises from here at 8k? Is that not enough dip to get proper support? Thanks man

  19. Also, do you really think if btc goes to higher levels, all altcoins(good ones of course) will actually rise as a whole? Frustrating to see my entire alt portfolio at 30 to 40% of purchase value…

  20. I can't see bitcoin at more than $1000 per share this time next year. Do you?

  21. I want Bitcoin @ 2K 😈

  22. It is going to be better than cable tv when the whales dump and steal all the social media retards money in crypto. VIX says it all these penny stock ebay crypto beanie babies are toast.

  23. Great video as usual. Informative daily news and also your Bitcoin updates using TA is awesome. One of the best crypto Youtube channels. Keep up the great work B

  24. Good content, but is that really the way you talk?

  25. Yuusha-MOBA-GAMING

    What's the most effective thing to do for getting cryptocurrency?

  26. Stop saying 6000 this will go just up,where you get this 6000?

  27. Charts and graphs analysis means nothing when trading is emotional. Hype if Bitcoin and crypto currencies is dying and so will this fad.

    Buh Bye Bitcoin!!!!

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  30. Bitcoin has already dipped below 6k and as I type this, it now sits at over 10k. I was kicking myself in the ass wishing I'd had money to invest, and now it has nearly doubled just within the past few weeks. This video feels a little late. Just check the price history since December through Feb 14th.

  31. Bitcoin is a good speculative investment for dips.

  32. Crypto Conversations

    Love it…

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