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An ALTERNATIVE To GPU Cryptocurrency Mining?

Graphics card costs were spiraling out of keep watch over because of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency craze and we have been in search of possible choices. AMD’s Threadripper 1950X might simply be the mining powerhouse we had been looking ahead to!

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Sony RX100m3 – http://geni.us/dtb
Sigma 18-35mm F1.eight – http://geni.us/dLL
Cinevate DUZI Slider – http://geni.us/1Hwt
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  1. AMD, Advanced Mining Devices

  2. Guys where gone the cases reviews???I loved the channel for its uniqueness reviewing other things then standard tech channels.
    Dmitry please do more often cases reviews,and more specific ,more budged cases like 40-100$ ,not many of us are ready to pay 150-200 just for case.
    For example i can't find single proper review of the CM MasterBox 5 PRO(not Lite) rgb,case that cost 70-80$ and came with tg,4 fans (3 rgb) and can get meshify front panel for 10$ more.Or other budged cases from cheaper manufacturers like Enermax,Rosewill,Apex or Silverstone.

  3. Thanks, prices are going to raise on CPUs too now…

    Nice video tho, I enjoyed it as always

  4. Richard James Milne

    Even in early 2018 the lack of availability to find and purchase higher end components has become VERY difficult in deed! Lets face it… once you can justify a profit margin, especially when it doesn't take away personal time, and all you have to do is watch your profits grow… tons of people will jump on that! Look at how many already have!! It's an easy way to make a bucket today right? And it's happening on a grand scale.

  5. Don't use NH!

  6. Expect CPUs with 1TB L3 cache

  7. bye bye i9's and threadrippers LOL

  8. Geeez, I already started using the 1950X months ago for mining. A GPU is still better though. I am using 1080 Ti's and threadripper..


  10. Ahmad Vawaid Sulthon

    I dont mine people mining with cpus. I can use older cpu for gaming, but older gpu for gaming new titles just sucks.

  11. A4VEY5JRUE Colebroke

    you saying litecoin the way you did annoys me.

  12. My friend switched over to console because this crap and my brother Opting for an Intel Skylake build instead of a Ryzen build cause of the OP DDR4 memory.
    Plus I have a complete Ryzen 5 1600X build stored up in my storage room cause I can't get a Gtx 1080 for it costing $1100+ ..

    Wtf is going on???

  13. Unfortunately none of this math works out, as you failed to factor in the difficulty rating which adjusts automatically depending on a few factors (indirectly linked to price). As such, you don't receive the same mining reward when BTC doubles in price.

  14. you highly recommend nicehash… lmao ok no

  15. Did you see any difference in hash rate from using smt cores as opposed to physical cores? Just wondering if they behave any differently or if they're treated just as a logical processor

  16. hate to tell everyone you might have to mine just to make a living the bots are going to wipe out our jobs oh and he's not deducting tax and there are two things that are life's absolutes Death and TAXES ignore TAX at your peril jails unpleasant.

  17. Why the hell do you promote a faulty chassi? The h500p sucks as much air as an asthmatic 90 year old with COL disease.

  18. I'd rather mine if i already have a TR rather than buying a TR to mine.

    Besides a 1080 ti will be outperformed by an ASIC within 10 months.

  19. Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu

    Unfortunately they will not be preferring mining on CPUs cos you can slap just one on a mobo whilst you can put six cards at least on one; also you'll need a PSU for each CPU.

  20. i believe its not the mining that is increasing the gpu demand but it is the discontinuing of pascals manufacturing as ampere gpu will be hitting the market in april or may ..mining inst an issue

  21. Don't forget taxes. You have to pay taxes on that income.


  23. stop copying my mb and cpu lol 🙂 jk

  24. how do you get more as i get only like 500

  25. i been suing ncie hash adn seperated 1950x into 2 cpu 16 core

  26. Mining is barely profitable, with increased difficulty and cost of parts. Better to invest in actual crypto and HODL.

  27. I agree with the this video and came to this conclusion several months earlier. I specifically build GPU mining rigs with a 1950x threadripper processor. They are more expensive, but also multi-purpose. With a 3-4 GPU mining +1950x threadripper you can make a reasonable return ($35-15/day) with only a ~600watt power draw at the wall. Only 50-60% cpu utilization vs. Ryzen 7 processors which use 100% of the CPU to get roughly ~400H/s on cryptonight.

  28. Anyone know what kind of frames Eber uses on his glasses?

  29. i hate miners , they make things hard for average user , they made CPU,GPU prices high , if u'r a miner don't even try to reply to me because i have more than one reason to say what i just said !

  30. What about Burstcoin and HDD mining? 🙂

  31. I'm laughing at the higher wattage usage from the Core i9 CPU. Best thing I've ever seen in my life.

    Fewer cores and threads for almost double the energy use. Logic.

  32. Francisco Garcia Nava

    So, I have a 1950x w/ 2 x EVGA 1080ti SC2 Hybrids that is getting built this weekend, can I use all three concurrently? FYI, I’m not a miner and this PC is being built primarily for 3D design + GPU rendering / animation / editing. But I was lucky enough to get those GPUs at MSRP — though it took 5 weeks to fulfill my back order.

  33. I used to respect those guys, now they are just pure shills.

  34. I'm at $0,7 a day with an 1800X.

  35. I'd recommend getting some secondhand cheap dual or quad socket G34 motherboards. AMD Opteron 63XX series CPUs are decent for mining. Then install GPUs on top of that motherboard.

  36. Nice Video, you where off on a few things but over all it was informative. Until the CPU prices go down or they make consumer co-processor cards, GPUs will be the best option for mining due to the ROI. Instead of doing a Threadripper I would instead recommend a Ryzen 7 as it is much cheaper and does about 600 h/s, compared to the Threadripper's about 850 h/s. Some miners are looking into using higher end CPUs due to higher GPU prices.

  37. I use a TR and it mines 3 times worse than a 1080ti (!)

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