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ALTCOINS MAKE MAJOR MOVES: VERGE, CARDANO, TRON, DASH (12/16/17) Daily Update + Technical Analysis

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  1. YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great video as always Matthew! Cardano has been in my wallet to for a while. Keeping them after this 🙂 I had some fun and wrote a Crypto Coin song for all of you Crypto Heads. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oveu9ZhtPjE

  3. hehe so far i made 950%+ on verge

  4. TXS man 🙂

  5. Thanks for analysis but please don't crop screen this way

  6. Juan Luis Landaburu Riera

    buy VTC will pump hard in the next days!

  7. the video is croped, so I cannot see what coin you are talking about 🙁

  8. Julian Van Willegen

    should I buy verge now or wait? and what do you think about digibyte?

  9. I think many will say the same but just in case, in the new setup we don't very well see the name of the coin being discussed (it clips out of the screen) just as with the current USD prices (at the right) and the dates of the charts (at the bottom) "other than that" nice.

  10. Mihai-Ciprian Ghilinta

    Thank you for the analysis, could you talk about NEM as well in the next video? 🙂

  11. Make Money With Clickbank

    What is your Xvg prediction after 6 month?

  12. Dont forget 😉 Bytecoin BCN – 0,001$ now reach 0,004$

  13. Who the heck is this guy in the bottom left! Did you get a new cast member! haha 😀

  14. Peercoin Peercoin Peercoin! It will be launching it's 1st ICO Indicium soon. When Indicium is released it will skyrocket peercoin to stratospheric heights! Get it while it's cheap because it's on the rise folks! There will be a switch to proof of stake coins in the future as they are more energy efficient than proof of work coins.

  15. Just another crypto channel

    Is it to late to go for verge

  16. Lisk was strong today. Should we buy more at this time??

  17. Thanks for the video. Can you ajust the screen so we can see the full view?
    Thanks, im sorry to bother .

  18. If Verge goes to $15 I’ll be a millionaire at 18.

  19. Invested in vertcoin. 🙂

  20. Can we see LTC at 420$ anytime soon?;) Thanks

  21. Can you do a price prediction for XRB?

  22. The Weighted Tooth

    i think you need to view them in terms of BTC ..thats the game changer for all the coins !!

  23. Guys check out ADA (cardano) , bnb ( binance coin) ,xvg verge coin.they are up 300% in 7 days

  24. I think Verge will blowup even more before the end of the year, solid coin and was just quoted as a coin sure to succeed by John Mcafee on twitter , buy and HODL baby!

  25. Could you zoom your video out a little next video bcuz part of your screen is missing

  26. Matthew, thank you so much! Wanted to let you know that your screen doesn't let me see all of it.. perhaps something to do with the cam you have on now? Cheers, buddy, really quality stuff. Keep it up!

  27. ETN to the Moon! 🙂

  28. Screen is too zoomed, cannot even tell what crypto you are currently speaking about. No offense you are a sharp looking guy, but you should go back to full screen without the selfie cam in the bottom. Otherwise great vid as always

  29. I’ve been a follower since you had 500 people and really appreciate your daily updates.
    2018 will be a big year for privacy coins and I would like if you could provide your thoughts on ZCoin which has had a great and stable trend. If you could add this to your daily roster that would be great, or at the minimum a one time analysis. CheersPatrice

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