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Altcoin News – Predictions, WaveCrest Dropped from Visa, Tenx, Dogecoin, Ripple, 500k For A Bitcoin?

This is Altcoin information, from the arena of Cryptocurrency. In this spherical of reports we have a look at predictions for virtual currencies, WaveCrest being dropped from Visa and the way this additionally affected Tens and Bitwala. Dogecoin is now valued greater than 1 billion greenbacks. More updates on Ripple. The likelyhood of bitcoin hitting 500okay within the subsequent 3 years? We additionally check out Paccoin and Verge. Should you upload them on your radar? Well a large number of buyers are.

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  1. CANN!!!!!!! The cheapest transaction fee…. my next PACCOIN and Embercoin

  2. any of you having problems logging in to coinmarkets exchange?

  3. Altcoinbuzz pls make a discord server


  5. I would like to see a review on Myriad (XYM) and Divi (Divx).

  6. Luke Whitehand-Willick

    can we get a tron update?

  7. Bitcoin News & Updates

    Dragonchain is up 1000% since this video. It’s just getting started. ETH challenger.

  8. The crypto market is loco mode now. Soon Poocoin will be worth more than serious projects lol.

  9. #drxne look at this coin, next bullish running coin

  10. in regard to the ban from the visa networks…. funny to see this, exactly why crypto is being created. so a centralized entity like visa can't control who can be on their network and who can't. thats old world politics shit… in the crypto world, your network is open to anyone with a token…. the credit cards should be elocking in long term deals with these crypto cards to rake them over the coals in the future when no one wants to pay for their slow network anymore. everyone should know by now, that we will have a crypto network in 5 years that will make current fiat pay systems antiquated. This is just a shot over the bow.

  11. Visa must be under pressure from governments to shut down fiat <-> crypto channels.

  12. The Flash - Rocket League & Fortnite

    BIBOX Coin is an absolute Sleeping Giant !!! Exacly the same coin as Binance Coin, but only at 1.50 $ & the exchange is very similar to Binance. Also Oyster Peal is close to enter the top 100 now and thats definetly a top 25 coin!

  13. jimmey dean hiya

    pac coin is a scam imo.3.5 trillion coins?????and you haVE NO OPINION??WTF


  15. VOISE steadily going to the moon!!!!

  16. Telegram links not working

  17. ‪Hi, here is new info I came a crossed if you are able to get this out to people I’m not big in he social media to be able to reach out. XLM Stellar looks like is added or going to be add to Bitstamp exchange! I’m sure this is going to be exiting news to people who hold XLM. Check coinmarket cap and xlm and bitstamp is listed as exchange looks like this is a little movement of money. I’m thinking testing before the release?

  18. RedWhiteandBulldogs.Com

    10 Trillion In 3 Years.

  19. paccoin is a scam

  20. There is a new exhange that will be openning at the end of the month. Upcoin and they will be accepting Paypal. Anyway they are giving $500 towards trading fees for the first 100,000 traders who sign up.
    No need to deposit, just sign up. What do you think? upcoin.com/?ID=e1353cb4

  21. A trillion dollars this year??? It’ll be next week at the current rate!!

  22. Myriad jumped up so much, you guys are missing out

  23. 6:30 according to dave chapelle??

  24. ETN is a massive project, tks for the content

  25. The dogecoin is a currency with great potential very undervalued, few people talk about it and it's not yet in the spotlight, I think a lot in their use

    For donations my Dogecoin wallet is: DKJciuDseWqiJWSz1BsNSVcMM6ZF9k1oEj

  26. 3 years 

  27. Seriously where is Jeff I can’t listen to you

  28. fujicoin, thank me later

  29. ETN is a shitcoin

  30. We all hope for Jeff when we start every video these days


  32. dude u said dave chapelle lol

  33. Please checkout Lunyr Coin. Thanks you

  34. The market is scary I feel like we are in for a crash to remove all the shit coins very soon

  35. Andres F. Ramirez

    Ten trillion less than 7 years

  36. CNBC is the worst place to get crypto news lmao. they hate crypto it seems. mostly they spread fud

  37. Why, do , you, speak , with , a comma, in between, each word. lol

  38. buzz gang!

  39. Mohamed Elharoui

    Dogecoin to the moon

  40. Dogecoin is not a joke anymore. If it was a joke it would had been bankrupt a loooooong time ago and never been in the top 50 coins. Dogecoin will not hit 1$ but 0.15 cents end of 2018 yes it will. People say there is a lot of Dogecoin in the market, but that’s a good thing. The wealth of the coin is spread around and is not as volitive as some other coins. Imagine a coin with low coins availability as it controlled by a few ppl. Now that’s bad. They can set the price. Pump and dump

  41. Кирилл Фишер

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  42. Eastside Strong Arm

    main stream said trump had 0% chance and wouldn't win. main stream cant be trusted. BTC will hit 500k in 3 years.

  43. LMC!! Low market cap! huge news!

  44. I have searched for an hour, and no article actually says what Visa compliance issues that Wavecrest violated.

  45. 1. SUB
    2. ICX
    3. NEO
    4. OMG
    5. ETN
    6. EOS
    7. PPT
    8. ETN
    9 LEND
    10. AMB

  46. REALLY LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! Can you take a quick look on GTC? I heard co founder of TRON is supposedly behind it.

  47. https://hashrunner.com/ – Live altcoin prices and more

  48. i support dogecoin when it be 1$ if any one trade now on price 0.006 it will be big bomb

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