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4 Altcoins under $1.00 CNBC Didn’t Tell You About #ALTCOINSEASON

Jibrel Network (JNT)
Electrify.Asia (ELEC)
FunFair (FUN)
Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX)

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  1. SAFEX will skyrocket in couple of weeks.

  2. Great review of Safex! Dan is a diplomat between Liberland and Serbia so big gov connections. And according to Dan it isn't a security. Here is the explanation. https://medium.com/@DanielDabek/safex-bittrex-delisting-situation-d8ebfb82d2d1

  3. Safex is secret weapon…I'm very confident about it!

  4. Safex will probably hit the roof sooner than we think…
    Looking forward for your next video and deep analysis!

  5. safex is king

  6. Great video Trill, and thanks for not screaming at me through my screen like most Youtubers. Found your video because of Safex (which you explained very well), but I'll stick around for the rest of your coverage as well. Subscribed!

  7. FunFair will be kicking ass this year!

  8. Thank you for your review on SAFEX! One of the best projects out there. Hope you do another one as soon as they intend to go open the Marketplace.

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