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2017 Bitcoin Mining at Scale – Introduction

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94CHE065R88?rel=0&cc_load_policy=1&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]
Design and Economics of a Bitcoin Mining operation in January 2017. Planning concerns for a 200 server and up mining facility. Electricity, energy, cooling, community, income, bills.

Questions welcome.

You can see footage of a Bitcoin mining facility I’m lately consulting on at https://blockoperations.com/bitcoin-mining-scale-introduction-video/

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  1. Crypto Tony New Zealand

    Great job Happy Hashing.

  2. Most honest and informative mining video I've seen in a long time. Thank you for doing a great job!

  3. cell #3 616 690 216

    Articulate & informative — Am I on YouTube?
    Very well & simply produced ~ thank you!

  4. I'm really appreciate the way you present your videos keep the good work up. THUMPS UP

  5. Hello Rofl,  Couple of questions…
    First, can the Antminers be used to mine the other alt-coins?
    Second, Who do you buy your bit coins from?
    Thanks ~ Great videos!

  6. Why don't you run 4 miners per PDU ?

  7. Hello. Can the Antminers be used to mine Monero?

  8. Very nice video ! I loved it ! Very interesting!

  9. The best videos on youtube with a real inside into mining! Thnx for sharing ur insight

  10. Kelvin Rodwell

    why is solar a bad option?

  11. This video rocks! Thank you

  12. great video! thanks for all the info!
    Im studying everything to start my own mining operation, starting with 10 S9 to test and get familiar with it….
    My question is regarding the different cryptocoins… you can use your S9 to mine all kind of cryptocoins??
    and how often this miners stop working?? or its pretty steedy if your power supply is fine??

    I'm from Chile and here the cost is arround us$0.09 kWh for a 19600 kWh per month consumption


  13. PChangerProductions

    Awesome! Any tips on how to find investors? I'd love to start doing this, but with GPU miners mining altcoins. I'm in Wyoming where electricity is dirt cheap ($0.0456/kwh). I've been investing as much as I can (about $500 a month) in graphics cards for the past several months and would love to get a loan to buy more, but I'm 21 and don't have enough credit history to get a business loan or anything like that. Do you have any suggestions?

  14. Baltazar Bächli

    An other great video!

  15. Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城


  16. I'll work cheap, willing to relocate with housing with me and two dogs. Hate my current living conditions… Work cheap learn quick message me with any interest 😍😍

  17. If I owned STEAM i'd be mining everyones computers while they weren;t playing games

  18. thanks rolf i'm going to get into mining here is the reddit post of my planning https://redd.it/6r8uyy any idea on if I should go with the t9 or s9 ?

  19. Great videos, thanks for producing and publishing!

  20. Great information and break down! Hard to beat this kind of information.

  21. Love the detailed explanation. Using your 200 server example with 8 racks, what size space would you need for the cooling, exhaust, racks, etc ? How big a space to lease ?  Also, I'd love to hear you talk about your financial management.  Do you mine and hold (selling just enough to cover expenses) or do you routinely convert to USD cash after a short hold ? What does your asset allocation look like in other words (% cash vs % cryptocurrency).

  22. Most honest and informative mining video I've seen in a long time. Thank you for doing a great job!

    and really professional / understandable way to explain

  23. Any ideas what has the quickest return on investment?

  24. Echoing what the others have said, fantastic information thanks soo much for putting this together and sharing with us.

  25. I do have a question about when you just use airflow from fans vs fans + HVAC cooling.

    From what I understand about the heat transfer from miner to the air using airflow, more heat is effectively transferred when the temperature at the inlet fan is lower.  So even though AC isn't always needed because adequate airflow can remove a lot of heat, at some point, blowing a bunch of hot air over a hot miner won't effectively remove the miner's heat.  

    What temperature would you say is just "too hot" to just use airflow as the only cooling method ?  I live in Texas where the summer months have a high temp average in the low to mid 90s with 80% relative humidity (swamp cooling not too effective either).  But other months where ambient temps allow just using airflow.

  26. You do a great service by putting these videos up. Is there a way to contact you directly?

  27. Hi, I have a 150 KVA transformer 200amp 600v in 208/120v coming out with 416 amps.  How many 30amp circuits should I get out of it?  planning on setting up S9s  Thank you for helping just got my PDUs and looking for my switches  miners come at the end of the month.

  28. Man how do you get Antminer s9 at 1.300 usd? Isn't it around 3.600 usd in US?

  29. I stumbled on one of your videos for mining info and have literally been hooked ever since. You're the man! Keep up the good work

  30. So do we need a money transmitter license to mine bitcoin?

  31. Hey sir,
    I read your article about your Alerting and Monitoring application for your farms. Do you have any updates to the system you have in place to remotely manage/monitor your farms? I travel quite a bit and I need something easy that I can use from the road. Thanks in advance.

  32. Rolf, thanks for these videos! Any chance you'll be investing in the new Dragonmint miners being released in March?

  33. Im getting into mining. Im going small scale at first. up to 10 S9's. After this, Ill wait for the next hashing phase. Question, If you had $20,000.00 to start rolling. Do you feel starting out this route is a good idea? Ive been looking all around town, for an available space. Im excited to get started. Thanks a lot for your videos. Ill be spending the weekend, watching everything of yours that I can. Take care

  34. Hi Rolf how are you, great videos. What type of fans and what type of filters did you use for your intake fans in your large facility.

  35. Great videos! How did you come up with a 200 KVA transformer for 200 S9s? Can you elaborate more on that pls?

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