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$1,000 in Cryptocurrency Forked into Altcoins

Here is a video on how it’s worthwhile to believe making an investment in cryptocurrency via diversifying into altcoins. This is extra of a 6 month funding technique as an alternative of an afternoon buyers dream.

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  1. neither CAPP or DRGN have really done the intial 'pop' yet , which is always good to get in and hodl long before that big first run up

  2. hey dont beat up on the lions. lol

  3. I like your choices 🙂 My top coin is lisk <3 lsk

  4. I think the dip is great! Great time to buy! Just wish I had more money to buy!!!! People buy,buy, Buy!!!

  5. Aussie Picker No BS

    here are my best picks for 2018 hold for 3 months into 2018… ADA / POWR / XVG / TRX / and this one… not very popular.. but will be very good check it out… COVAL

  6. Unlimited Expectations

    Jeff I am new to the currencies lol you are my research if I lose or gain with your suggestions I am ok with it!!! I just love your suggestions period

  7. I purchased BLUE @ around 0.003 and i was sooo close to selling the whole lot when it decided to go ape shit and climb the trees. I knew and believed in the white paper sooo much soo that i had to read it again to convince myself not to sell my "Precious BLUE" wishing i brought another $300 or so back then. Wow. #BLUE #HERETOSTAY

  8. DENT, ENJ, LIFE, KIN, INXT, ETHOS are going from stepping stones, to boulding rocks. Cant wait for what 2018 has installed for us!!! Boom!

  9. why are you not talking about LTC?

  10. Anyone reading this should be very concerned about the Cryptocurrency Markets, but only if you've done stupid, and invested more money in the market than you can afford to lose. If NOT, chill. And enjoy the ride.

    Met someone today who just handed her notice in at JPMorgan – Guess why? 🙂

  11. Hey guys…Ripple XRP that is used [0.0004] per transaction will be replaced by the XRP NOT currently in supply. The Circulating in use will NOT increase

  12. this guy has the most sinister laugh!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shubhendu Shekhar Singh

    Why not just buy lite coin from certain exchange with ur local currency and then transfer to whatever exchange from where u want to buy other coins and then exchange LTC with BTC and then use that BTC to buy any altcoin.

  14. You one of few youtubers that looks at 1h, 24h, and 7d screen so subscribed

  15. from a technical stand point personally dropping btc was very disappointing. it has opened my eyes to new opportunity though and while financially doing good this holiday period, what I've learned as a new trader has been worth so much more. you're 100% right in that it isn't for the faint of heart and you can't let your emotions lead you a stray or blind you from your goals. followed you a little while now and you definitely earned my sub +1 Merry Christmas.

  16. Streamr Data – huge real world potential, not just another currency

    0.2$ now 🚀

  17. Hey everyone and merry Christmas, I'm a beginner here in this crypto currency thing and all I have now is 40$… I've already lost 8 after making a transaction idk why tho… Anyways, do you recommend I start trading on iq option or should I buy and hold coins from different sites like bittrex and binance.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  18. MFW I bought OST at 34 cents and dont have money to buy more at 25 cents.

  19. I am using coinbase, and they are only limiting my debit card to 100.00. How can I fund coinbase with 1000.00 dollars off my debit card? Or is there another outfit out there that i should be using?

  20. Can you please let us know what program or software you recommend we use for our portfolio? so we can watch our coins profits and losses….

  21. What platform do you use to purchase these altcoins? I live in the United States. I would like to purchase alt coins but don't really know where to. I use coinbase currently and a ledger nano

  22. i love this video. i want to request u that u do tell us that how we can invest and what kind of coin best this time for buying..thanx

  23. You can buy Bitcoin Here on Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/join/59b0f3d64b766c00c342e334 and sign up for Binance Exchange Here https://www.binance.com/?ref=10760206

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