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🙌 Coinbase Adding NEW COINS! | Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Monero 🤑

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  2. Hearing lots about NEO being added

  3. EOS is coming to Coinbase!!!!! Moon guaranteed!

  4. they hardly support what they have now when volume is high. Sure hope they are dong major infrastructure upgrades.

  5. 12th & Grant Collective

    Lisk is going to breakout in 2018

  6. This would take ripple to the next level i want to reach 10k total in xrp holding

  7. Guys check this out. Best cloud bitcoin mining at the moment !


  8. Agree RV is a donkey.

  9. don't let them buy let them do research first then determine if its for them 99% of my family doesn't own either.

  10. Bitcoin cash will get a trading pair. Its top 3 market cap why limit fees. Coinbase needs volume and it brings volume

  11. Some folks recommended Plentix .io , anyone knows about it?

  12. Play some background music! Lovin' the channel, keep it up!

  13. I keep hearing "DMT" when you say "DNT" XD

  14. /How would you add a streamlined "pay with bitcoin" button on a webstore? I can think of some roundabout ways, but looking for quick and clean.

  15. 1FUEzyKfF5uqfMwbYFa7kPwsmsbYp3WDbB

    Nice video

  16. Bro love you man! YOu are good! When come Singapore call me. I bring you around.

  17. I totally agree with weather you agree with ripples ideology or not it would be wise to own do anyways. 1ET7td7VjJwvzZMKdCkXKDHt9ALbohPp7T

  18. Thank you so much for making these videos and I hope you are able to afford to retire your parents soon man. Inspiring.

  19. Dronerial Melbourne

    Ripple head quarters in San Francisco 600m walk from Coinbase Head quarters, check google street view everyone

  20. How can I buy XRP? Should I wait for it to come on coinbase orrr…?

  21. I think ripple would be up $50 on the first day on coinbase

  22. BTC 1JJqS8nd5QqevwHFJMyhdhHZq1wdK5YMSe

    you don't get the purpose of bitcoin, it wasn't made for you to get rich and hold it forever


    i just subbed. if cardano fly to the moon. i will donate u 10 of em one day

  24. Monero would be dope

  25. Bitcoin Cash has been added to Coinbase. Hopefully Ripple is next.

  26. Holy cow Bitcoin Cash just got added And it spiked up 7000!!

  27. You are incorrect about your Coinbase acct being insured. First of all the FDIC only insures US currency. Secondly, the FDIC insure thing is FARSE. People who had money in bank accounts that were FDIC insured of banks that went belly up 10 years ago still haven't received a penny of their money. It's just a bogus marketing tool. Trying to get your money from the FDIC would be able the same as trying to get Donald Trump or Putin to write you a check for a million dollars. Not happening. FDIC insurance is total BS.

  28. I just got 0.1 BTC via this website. Google "bitxploit" for more info

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