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Should we divorce so my husband can get more Social Security?

Dear Moneyist,

My husband and I are quickly to be retired. I’ve stored in a 401(okay) and feature pension advantages. He owned a small industry for a few years, however by no means created a nest egg for retirement. He is a vet. He could also be entitled to more Social Security if he’s unmarried. We thought of divorcing and coexisting to verify we can make ends meet during retirement, however that suggests hanging our modest house in my title handiest, proper?


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Dear Kim,

There isn’t any marriage penalty or restrict to advantages paid to a married couple.

And that’s a right away quote from the Social Security Administration website online. “A working woman is not limited to one-half of her husband’s Social Security,” the website states. “(That rate applies to women who never worked outside the home.) So, for example, if you are due a Social Security benefit of $1,200 per month and your husband is due a Social Security benefit of $1,400 per month, you will be paid $2,600 per month in retirement benefits.”

There’s no level in getting divorced for financial causes, despite the fact that I’ve heard of other folks staying in combination for the well being in their price range (joint medical health insurance insurance policies and decrease housing prices). “Since you have a pension when you are married, the spouse gets it as well if you pick the joint life option,” says Cary Carbonaro, a licensed monetary planner and managing director at United Capital. “If you were not married, you would not get that option.”

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What’s more, house possession is excluded out of your qualification for Social Security. “As for your husband’s veteran status, his time in military service can boost his lifetime earnings record as far as calculation of his Social Security benefit, which can result in a higher benefit, but it does not add directly to his monthly check,” says Kimberly Foss, qualified monetary planner and founding father of Empyrion Wealth Management.

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That 10-year marriage rule is excellent for individuals who if truth be told need to divorce, for those who stay single post-divorce and also you’re over 62 years of age. “Sometimes, divorced spouses can both claim full spousal benefit and allow their own benefit to grow until age 70,” Foss provides, “but the actual benefit amount varies by age and employment status, so you should do some careful calculation using both married and divorced scenarios and your current data to make sure of which way makes the most financial sense.”

Talking to a monetary adviser as an alternative of a divorce legal professional could be a long way less expensive.

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