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The BDSM community received an extra boost when Fifty Shades of Grey became popular. All of a sudden, people want to get into BDSM, which is cool, but not quite. Even before the movie came out, there were already a lot of misconceptions about the BDSM culture. Some people think that it is barbaric, and it promotes violence and that it promotes rape. Thinking about these things makes us cringe, but it also makes us want to educate more people. was founded by a group of BDSM enthusiasts in Ohio. They spent a lot of time improving their overall BDSM experience by studying about it, building their playroom, and meeting people with similar interests. They understand why the BDSM scene is prone to misconceptions because of the sexual acts that can be a little extreme sometimes. For the love of the game, they decided to spread the word out about the BDSM world online through this platform. Just like any other fresh idea, they encountered multiple challenges along the way. Five years later, the website has become one of the go-to resources of BDSM information online by BDSM enthusiast groups in different cities. 

What exactly do we offer? If you want to get to know the real BDSM, its behind-the-scenes, and how BDSM can help you connect with your partner, then stay around and read our articles! We post regular updates written by our writers that are also in the BDSM scene. What you’ll get is first-hand information from us and not just some random information researched from the internet by those who do not know what BDSM is. 

Our goal is to educate as many people as possible. We want to change the perception that people who are into BDSM are violent. BDSM allows care, love, and intimacy, and that we hope people realize this through our website.