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Welcome to! This blog was founded by a group of individuals who’re active in BDSM lifestyle for the past 15 years. Before we start talking about this world, our world, we would like to say that this site is not for minors. We would ask you politely if you are not of legal age to leave this site immediately. Secondly, we would like to let you know that we don’t write in perfect grammar so be prepared to spot mistakes now and then. Hopefully, the spelling system will help keep them at a minimum level.

What are we doing here and why did we start this blog? Is there anything we are trying to achieve? We do not know if we want to achieve something, to be honest, mostly this site is about the way we believe BDSM should be, or what BDSM shouldn’t be. It is exactly the reason we call this site as it is, it is our personal approach to the lifestyle. The main reason that made us start this blog is that it originates from things we see and can’t understand how they got there.

We will discuss a lot of subjects on this blog page so we will stop here. Feel free to get in touch with us, ask questions or even share your opinion. It doesn’t matter if you are in the lifestyle or even if you have no clue at all as long as you respect our lifestyle choices. To those who share the same interests with us, for the same reason any comments will have to be approved but we promise not to block anything negative.

One last notice, most of our posts if not all will have our own approach so it will be the way a Master is related with a female slave or a Dom with a female submissive (We will try to explain this at some point the differences between those definitions for those who don’t know it). Thank you for reading and we hope you will enjoy your time in our world.